Anti-Gay Sochi Restaurants Offer Cakes And Other Menu Items ‘In The Ass’ (Hilarious Images)

Author: February 6, 2014 5:32 pm
Tray with little cakes.

Sochi restaurants must be as anti-humor as they are anti-gay, as Olympics visitors tweet hilarious photos of cake and other menu items offered ‘in the ass.’ Photo of an assortment of cakes from Wikipedia.

Sochi restaurants must be as anti-humor as they are anti-gay after it was revealed that they’re  serving menu items ‘in [ahem] the ass’. We’re already aware of their utter lack of knowledge on how to provide hotel accommodations, and convincing people from normal countries that internet routers must dangle from the ceiling like a wi-fi wind chime. In fact, things have been so disastrous that it makes you wonder if a shirtless Putin will deliver breakfast to athletes in their rooms. For a complete catalog of insane and hilarious fails at Sochi, go to twitter and search #SochiFails.

These Sochi Restaurant menu items got lost in translation.

It turns out that the Russian phrase “пирожные в ассортим” actually means “cakes in assortment.” So maybe these decidedly anti-gay Sochi restaurants aren’t suggesting various ‘in the ass’ desserts to its patrons, but get Sofia Coppola and let her know that this is the real ‘Lost in Translation’.

Dana Spencer, a sports reporter for Canadian Press, noticed something both odd and hilarious on her first night out at one of the Sochi restaurants: the menus were in Russian with rough English translations. Specifically, the dessert menu listed cake as “in the ass”? This, of course, gives whole new meaning to Marie Antoinette’s famous “let them cake” statement.  Further, let them eat cake…’in the ass.’

Surprisingly only 420 calories.

We’ve all heard the saying, “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips,” but cakes in the ass seems kind of extreme.

Sochi restaurant menu item one: "Cakes in ass."

Donna Spencer’s tweet from a Sochi restaurant: Menu item my 1st night in Sochi or I’m really out of it.

Ice Cream ‘in the ass’ is actually not as filling as cake ‘in the ass’

Eugene Gourevitch, a business man and a former financial adviser to a corrupt former president of Kyrgyzstan, had a similar experience in a Sochi restaurant.

Sochi restaurant menu item 2

Eugene Gourevitch’s tweet from a Sochi restaurant: Sochi menu. Not a joke.

Sochi restaurants want you to wash down all that cake ‘in the ass’ with some lemonade ‘in the ass’

And, of course Sochi restaurants pulled out all the stops for Patrick Sanduski, the chief public affairs officer for the US Olympic Committee (USOC, as in “you suck, Sochi”). Maybe he wasn’t drinking that night, because they offered him “lemonade in the ass.”

More Sochi restaurant menu items.

USOC Chief Public Affairs Officer Patrick Sandusky’s tweet from a Sochi restaurant:  I think they mean assortment… Here’s the lemonade version from different place.

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