Watch Fox’s ‘Free Market’ Hypocrites Attack CVS For Ditching Tobacco (VIDEO)

Fox News attacks CVS for dumping tobacco.

Since Obama supports CVS’s decision to stop selling tobacco, it must be bad. Watch Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson go on the attack, free markets be damned!

As we’ve all seen many times, if President Obama supports something, Fox News is compelled to attack it. Even if that attack goes against one of their core principles. This time, they’ve really gone overboard.

Fox jumps all over CVS for no-tobacco decision

CVS Pharmacies announced on February 5th that they would no longer carry cigarettes and tobacco products at its over 7,600 stores in the United States. All stores will comply by the first of October. This move was praised by the American Cancer Society, among others. Including President Obama:

“As one of the largest retailers and pharmacies in America, CVS Caremark sets a powerful example, and today’s decision will help advance my administration’s efforts to reduce tobacco-related deaths, cancer, and heart disease, as well as bring down health care costs — ultimately saving lives and protecting untold numbers of families from pain and heartbreak for years to come.”

You can bet that other pharmacies nationwide are watching this experiment very carefully. Though none have yet joined CVS, it’s possible that they might. This decision will cost CVS Caremark about $2 billion dollars annually so other companies will be paying attention. They will have to see how CVS weighs the cost against the good publicity.

President Obama supports it, so Fox doesn’t

The very night that CVS announced its decision, Fox commentators and hosts began with the attack. It’s like they have talking points or something…

Gretchen Carlson was livid. How dare CVS exercise its rights as a corporation? And those poor smokers – where shall they purchase their drug of choice now? Because there is absolutely nowhere else they can buy it. Oh, the humanity!

“Is it OK legally … to restrict tobacco availability in a private store like this?” Gretchen asked her guests. “For people who smoke, you know, they have a right to buy cigarettes. It’s not illegal.”

Okay, here’s the thing, Fox brain-trust: this is the very essence of the free market. You know, that principle that you claim is so important? CVS has made a decision on whether or not to carry an item. That is their prerogative. If that was a blunder, then they will lose business. That’s how that “invisible hand of the market,” that you say you love so dearly, works. But, gosh, Obama praised them so screw CVS, eh? They don’t count as a corporation anymore over at Fox News.

The manufacturing of a controversy

Gretchen wasn’t the only one to attack CVS. No, the whole Hee-Haw gang has to be on board for a manufactured controversy to gain traction with the slack-jawed Fox viewers. So Neil Cavuto called CVS a “scardey cat” and said they were doing this because of the changes in health care law. He accused CVS of doing it to “look good.” And, oh noes, they might stop selling soda and chips, too! Even though CVS addressed this in their announcement, saying that candy, alcohol and other junk food — in moderation — don’t have the same adverse effects as tobacco.

Over on The Five, airhead Dana Perrino took the opportunity to attack the ACA:

“I just wonder, is this President Obama now saying that corporations are allowed to have values and express them? Because if that’s the case, maybe corporations then don’t have to provide contraceptive care to their employees or their health plans. And the Supreme Court justices might want to think about that.”

Yeah, let that one settle in for a minute. If you can explain this to me, I’ll give you a gold star. There is just no sane analogy there.

But, what can we expect from Fox News? Intelligent, thoughtful debate? Nope. Not from the network that makes it its duty to attack this President on every front. Even if it means that they stomp on one of the most precious beliefs of the right. Either corporations are people and can make up their own minds on a subject, like CVS did about tobacco, or they are slaves to the public’s demands. Which is it, Fox? You really need to decide. Because while your talking heads are bashing CVS, your blogger Adam Samson, is joining Obama in praising them. Fox News is so deranged when it comes to Obama, that they have become schizophrenic.

Watch Gretchen Carlson almost hurt herself trying to push the talking points: Here’s the video.