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LISTEN: Right Wing Nut Says Obamacare Legalizes Execution By Guillotine

LISTEN; Right Wing Nut Jim Garrow, Says Obamacare Legalizes The Guillotine (AUDIO)

According to right wing nut case Jim Garrow, the Obamacare guillotine has now been legalized and will be used to behead Christians and enforce Sharia Law.

Right-wing conspiracy theorist, Jim Garrow, recently made an appearance on The Rundown Live, where he told listeners that the president just added legal guillotine beheadings to the ‘Obamacare list.’

“What happened now, just recently? We now have a part of Obamacare where we now have legalized execution by guillotine. Did you see the list? It’s been added to the list.” (Source)

So Obamacare is a Muslim plot to behead Christians?

Did you see the list? Of course you didn’t see it. That’s because no such list exists.

Garrow is not known for his obsession with those little things called ‘facts, though.’ The author of a highly questionable book about Chinese baby smuggling, Garrow is a regular contributor to websites like Infowars and Prison Planet. He’s also a frequent guest on right wing radio and television shows like The Rundown Live and World Net Daily TV.

“If Obama is a Muslim,”

Garrow continued, during his recent appearance on The Rundown Live,

“if the Muslims when they dominate Christians, if what they do is kill them by taking off their heads, decapitation by the sword, this is just another sword, it’s another way, it’s another mollification of Muslims, of Islam, it’s another lining up, paralleling what’s right and able to be done in America, legally, with what the Muslims do. This is dhimmitude, submission, submission to Islam and the traditions of Islam. Done by that bunch of wackos, that bunch of crazies, traitors in the White House led by Mr. Obama.”

Here’s the audio from Garrow’s Rundown Live appearance:

Does it need to be clarified that Obamacare is not a Muslim plot to enforce Sharia law and legalize the Guillotine? For those who are unsure, here’s a helpful explanation of what Obamacare actually does, written by Addicting Info’s own Benjamin Feinblum.

What’s not on the list? Legalizing the guillotine.

Garrow calls on his followers to ‘join a militia,’

Garrow, who makes his living lying to gullible Tea Party members and terrifying old folks who don’t know how to use fact check, followed up on his Rundown Live appearance, with a second radio interview. During that interview he urged his listeners to arm themselves, saying:

“It looks like they’re trying to wipe us out.”

Garrow advised listeners to:

“Join a militia, and I mean it. Join a militia. And when you’re in the militia, find out if they’ve got a system where they will actually help you, if you’re under attack by the police.”

Does Garrow actually believe the stuff he says? Probably not. That doesn’t stop him from trying to make other people believe it. He makes a lot of money by exploiting the fears of the vulnerable. Unfortunately, that often includes people with low IQ, people with mental health issues and older people, who are often secluded from others. This kind of Islamophobic rhetoric, combined with repeated calls to take up arms against the government, the president and the police, is just about as dangerous as it gets.