Racist, Homophobic Restaurant Owner, Gary James Falls Victim To Epic Internet Trolling

How To Troll A Homophobe? The Internet Teaches Gary James A Lesson.

Gary James an Oklahoma restaurant owner thought his bigotry was okay. The internet responds in a hilarious way and trolls the troll. Image: Shannon Argueta

The homophobic and racist Oklahoma restaurant owner, Gary James, who proudly declared he refuses service to just about everyone last week, is feeling the wrath of the internet today. The trolling that he is receiving shows just how funny the internet community can be when the organize against hate.

Gary James held none of his hate back.

Last week the owner of Gary’s Chicaros in Oklahoma gave an interview with KFOR News after allegations of discrimination were brought to the news station’s attention. Once Gary James was given a public forum, the former wannabe politician let the hate flow from the hole in his face and it was appalling.

“I’ve been in business 44 years, I think I can spot a freak or a f*ggot. I really don’t want gays around. Any man that would compromise his own body would compromise anything.”

Pretty disgusting. Gary James is obviously a very large douche. Compromising his own decency doesn’t seem to be an issue for him. He proudly proclaimed that he is a bigot, while maintaining that he is not (Shocking!).

However, as disgusting as he is, the internet community responded to his bigotry in an absolutely epic way.

Gary James’ restaurant rebranded as a gay bar on social media.

In a fantastic display of trolling the ‘gays’ have responded by turning Mr. James’ restaurant into a gay bar on Facebook and Yelp.

The Facebook page for Gary’s Chicaros labels it a ‘gay bar’ complete with a hilarious glory hole picture. If that’s not funny enough, the reviews absolutely take the cake.

Internet Rebrands Homophobe Gary James' Restaurant 'The Best Gay Bar Ever'.

Image: Shannon Argueta

Internet Responds To Gary James' Homophobia By Branding His Restaurant A Gay Bar.

Image: Shannon Argueta

On Yelp Gary James has had his restaurant transformed from an ordinary homophobe friendly establishment to a gay friendly club, complete with drag shows.

Homophobic Restaurant Owner, Gary James, Has Business Branded A Gay Bar On The Internet.

Image: Shannon Argueta

Internet Responds To Gary James' Homophobia By Branding His Restaurant A Gay Bar.

Image: Shannon Argueta

I highly recommend meandering over to the reviews on both Facebook and Yelp if you are looking for a good laugh. The reviewers have responded in such a classically liberal way by turning Gary James and his hate into a laughingstock. He is now being shown what happens to assholes when the internet gets ahold of them. We can be a very powerful entity when we organize for or against someone.

The kind of hate displayed by Gary James is absolutely unacceptable in this day an age. He has been in business about forty-three and a half years longer than he should have been. While it is very satisfying to watch the internet turn this around on him, it is also disheartening that people like him still exist. Hopefully the people in his town in Oklahoma hit him where it really hurts: his pockets.