WATCH: This Pro-LGBT Olympics Commercial From Norway Is Awesome

XXL's 'Whatever Team You Play For' ad sends pro-LGBT message to Sochi.

Some of Sweden’s biggest athletes came together to make this XXL commercial, and send an important message of support to Russia’s oppressed LGBT community. Photo screen-captured from XXL ‘Airport Love‘ ad.

The Norwegian clothing company XXL, which sells sports and outdoor clothing, is the latest company¬† to express support for Russia’s oppressed LGBT community. The short, but eye-catching commercial debuted during the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics, in Sochi, Russia.

The commercial features legendary Norwegian athletes.

The underlying message of the commercial? It doesn’t matter which ‘team you play for.’ It’s a great message that uses a sports theme to highlight an important human rights issue.

Set in an airport, the commercial features great music and awesome special effects. If that’s not enough, XXL brought together some of the country’s most talented and popular athletes, to make cameo appearances in the 90 second spot.

2010 Freestyle Football World Champion, Anders Solum, can be seen showing off his skills with what we Americans like to call a soccer ball. Solum’s performance begins¬†at the 15 second mark.

Also making an appearance is Sune Wentzel, a Norwegian Frisbee player. Wentzel holds six world titles and set two world records for indoor distance. He also won a number of medals and titles, before retiring from the sport. Sune makes a brief appearance beginning at around the 50 second mark.

Alpine skier, Edward Beach and other well known Norwegian athletes also have brief appearances in the ad.

Here is XXL’s ‘Whatever team you play for’ commercial.’

XXL is just one of hundreds of companies around the world that have created ads in support of Russia’s oppressed LGBT community. Here’s the video.