Police Nab Horse Killer In Amish Buggy Drive-By Shooting

Horse killed in Amish country drive-by shooting, police nab killer

An Amish family’s horse was killed in a drive-by shooting. It took months but authorities have finally arrested and charged the killer. Photo from Wikipedia.

Horse was killed in drive-by shooting

Last November, in Ronks, PA, someone drove by an Amish buggy and fired a shot. The Amish family who was riding in the buggy heard what they thought was a firecracker. Their horse spooked and flinched but showed no sign of injury. The family continued on to their home. When they went to take the horse out of the buggy rig, they saw that he was bleeding from the mouth. The horrified family contacted a veterinarian (through a neighbor, probably) but the horse died before the vet arrived. A necropsy showed that the horse died as a result of a gunshot wound to the left chest.

The family was only a mile away from their home when the incident occurred. It was dark and they didn’t think anything was wrong. The horse didn’t slow down and they had no reason to believe that it was injured. They were, of course, devastated.

It took months to find the shooter.

The shooting happened in November, but it took until February 12 for local law enforcement to find the shooter. Timothy Antonio Diggs, 22, was arrested and charged with 5 counts of reckless endangerment, 1 count of shooting into an occupied vehicle and 1 count of animal cruelty. During a search of his residence, police discovered stolen firearms and a stolen motorcycle. These were linked to two different robberies in the area.

Diggs is currently incarcerated in the Lancaster County prison. Police have not said whether any of the confiscated stolen guns were connected to the November shooting. They also have not disclosed the motive, if any, in the shooting. No information regarding arraignment or Diggs’ plea has been disclosed nor has a trial date been set.

Horse people understand.

Horses are hardy animals and often continue working even if they feel pain. This horse likely felt a small sting yet kept to his job. As one person commented:

You have to love that horse that got his family home safely even though he was dying. Interesting that the horse has more human traits than the animal that killed him.

Of course, a few replies pointed out that they should have called for help right away. Obviously, the folks who thought so forgot that we are talking about an Amish family. They don’t carry cellphones. That they had a land-line nearby was fortuitous.

Horse people agree that the horse probably only felt a pinch. Horses have been known to have kept going through injury out of love for their people. I can attest to this myself. They are intelligent animals and do feel emotion. That this horse got its family home while injured is indicative of its love and loyalty. I’m sure they miss him terribly. Hopefully the real animal in this case, Timothy Diggs, will receive a suitable punishment.