WATCH: KY Cop Wants Job Back After Having Sex With 15-Year-Old On Trunk Of Cruiser

Kentucky cop wants job back after sex on cruiser with 15-year-old girl

A Kentucky State Trooper, previously dismissed for on duty sex with a 15 yr. old girl, wants his job back. ‘I thought she was 18. I made a moral mistake.’
Image Credit: Screenshot WDRB News

A former Kentucky State Trooper, previously dismissed for on duty sex with a 15 yr. old girl, wants his job back.

His defense? Jerry Clanton, 33, who is also married, says,

“I made a moral mistake. And, I’ve gotten right with my family.”

I thought she was 18.

He thought she was 18. His colleague, Kentucky Trooper Stratford Young, had previously had a relationship with the unnamed minor child. In fact, that’s how Clanton met her. Using his state cruiser as a Kentucky cop cab service, Clanton would shuttle Young to her house saying,

“I believe one or two times he was drinking prior. Another time, you know, he was obviously married and he had — he told me to pick him up. And I don’t know if he didn’t want his wife to see him drive off or… I’m not sure.” Adding, “I would never have gone over there. I would have never spoken to her, never texted her, never anything had I thought she was anything but 18.”

But he did. He thought she was 18. So just to be clear, one Kentucky cop shuttled another Kentucky cop to a girl’s house that they ‘thought’ was 18 for sex. The cop doing the taxi driving then developed his own sexual relationship with this girl. And while being questioned by the Kentucky State Police Trial Board had this to say,

“I recognize that it is an embarrassment to the State Police. But I have not compromised myself in the fact that, in my mind, all I was doing was making a moral mistake.”

That’s true. He’s not compromised himself or the department in the slightest. Unless of course, you consider that he admitted to having sex with a minor on at least 4 occasions. Once, spread out over the trunk of his Kentucky State Trooper cruiser. On the side of the road. While in uniform. And on duty. Trooper Clanton’s response was,

“I didn’t intend on having sex with her.”

Kentucky cops trained in moral ambiguity.

Along with Kentucky Trooper Clanton, Kentucky Trooper Stratford Young has also been dismissed. The Kentucky State Police Trial Board did it’s job. But the story doesn’t end there.

Additionally, a Brandenburg Kentucky officer AND a Breckenridge County Kentucky Sheriff’s Office deputy have also resigned. All 4 police officers are believed to have had inappropriate relations with the same girl. And now a Grand Jury is involved. The fate of the former ‘heroes’ lies with them. They decide if there will be criminal charges filed against any or all of the former cops.

Jefferson County Attorney Thomas Wine’s office is handling the case. He put two prosecutors on it. After Thomas Wine stepped down as judge and ran for the elected position he holds now he told reporters in 2012,  the office must work with police to get the bad guys off the street.

Well here’s your chance to kill two birds with one stone. Not only should  Kentucky’s ‘finest be held on criminal charges, but they should all have to register as sexual predators and never be allowed in law enforcement again. All of them. All 4. Not a single one spared or allowed to make a deal or considered noble for resigning prior to being discovered. Or given a probationary sentence for, poor judgment.

If that were to happen these men could simply apply for another position within another department and then they are out on the street using that same quality of judgment when you need a cop. It happens all the time. I have seen too many of these cases go unchallenged because the public never made itself heard.

What if it happened to you?

I want you to consider yourself, or your child, or anyone you call friend standing in front of a judge and claiming ignorance of the law or “sorry, I swear I thought he/she was 18.” How do you think that may end up for you?

But as we’ve seen over and over again, whether it be Kentucky or Texas or California, New York, Georgia, the level of poor judgment and abuse of power within the ranks of law enforcement is out of hand. The only ways we, as normal citizens, have to combat this problem is by picking up the phone and logging complaints. It doen’t matter that you don’t live in Kentucky. In fact it may be safer if you don’t. But use that phone at your side or that you may be reading this article on and call,

(502) 595-2340 (Administration, Domestic Violence Unit, General Trial Unit, Division D, Detectives, Victim’s Advocacy, Rocket Docket)
(502) 595-2300 (General Trial Units, Divisions A, B, and C),  C.A.T.C.H., Law Clerks)
(502) 595-2384  (Grand Jury)

Let them know these men should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. That you demand those that are going to police us have the ability to police themselves.

Unresolved issues in Kentucky.

Of the two officers we know of, both are married. While the subject of marriage is always in the news nowadays, usually it is judgment from ‘authority’ figures telling us what is right and wrong and preventing consenting adults from entering the sacred vow of marriage. These Kentucky cops have not only had sex with a minor but don’t believe they should lose their job for it. Nor did they consider the consequences of their actions. Much less the ripple effect it would have on every life they touched around them. And so while Kentucky fights gay marriage, it’s perfectly ok for a man to break the sanctity and sacred trust with the woman he vowed to honor and cherish. Is this the type of personality you want patrolling our streets?

But wait. There’s more.

Lastly, the 15 year old girl. Relationships with FOUR different police officers? There is a problem here. Investigators say the teen is “angry” and wants to see people go to jail. And while I reserve personal judgment, I struggle with the dichotomy here. Surely at some point she knew what she was getting into. Didn’t she? There are no rape charges. These men did spend time with her when they weren’t having sex. They would watch UFC fights on TV when they should’ve been out patrolling. There were relationships. What is it she is angry over?

What’s the story with this girl? The fact she is pushing the issue leads to many more questions then we currently have answers. And her being a juvenile only adds another layer of difficulty to finding out the whole story.  Hopefully, when the Grand Jury convenes, we will get some of the answers sought.

The father of the girl, on the other hand, is very upset. And why wouldn’t he be? His frustration has more to do with the lack of progress in this case. As of this writing, no date for grand jury hearings has been set. Maybe we can help him with that. Get active. Make a phone call. Let Kentucky know how you feel about their stopping and getting frisky policy.

You can watch the news report video HERE.