WATCH: Dallas SWAT’s Overwhelming Use Of Force On Empty Apartment

Dallas Assault Investigation's 6 Hour Stand-Off Negotiations With Empty Apartment

Dallas SWAT’s acceptable use of force. Countless taxpayer dollars, 40 officers, 22 vehicles, 6 hours of stand-off, ONE empty apartment and zero suspects. Image: screen shot

Dallas SWAT and red state rule demonstrate their version of an acceptable use of force when Dallas SWAT swarmed an apartment complex in search of several armed and dangerous men. A six hour standoff ensued.

Dallas 911.

Around 9:45 a.m., a witness, Debby Hall, assisted a woman who reported being attacked and sexually assaulted. Hall said,

“She was severely beaten up. Her eye was black and her nose was broke. I was trying to do the nice thing and let her know there’s a hospital over here, but she was too terrified and scared.”

Instead, she let the woman use her phone to call 911. Paramedics arrived on scene accompanied by a massive show of police presence not seen since Krispy Kreme turned on the red light for ‘National Thank A Police Officer Day’.

The Dallas Morning News reports that’s when Hall was told by Dallas’ finest (not the other way around) that there were multiple armed and dangerous men, possibly holding a teenager against their will. All residents needed to be evacuated.

Dallas Police react by confronting terror.

Calling in for back up, Dallas cops went into full lockdown and control mode.  Two nearby schools followed ‘shelter in place’ commands.

While the victim was taken to a nearby hospital, treated and questioned, Dallas SWAT was called into action.

“The victim advised officers that the suspects were still inside the apartment and might be armed,”

Within a couple of hours, a mobile Dallas Police command post was in place. Over 20 vehicles including two Dallas police armed personnel vehicles and 40 officers surrounded the complex. Fire-Rescue engines and ambulances waited on scene as a precautionary measure. Media helicopters were requested to withdraw and maintain a 2 mile perimeter.

Dallas Police begin negotiations.

Shortly after 1:00 p.m. Dallas command attempted negotiations through loudspeakers.

“Do what’s right. Call 911 if you want to communicate. We are not going away!,” an officer shouted. If they don’t give themselves up, “the situation will escalate.”

During the tense standoff Sgt. Warren Mitchell, a police spokesman, released the statement of,

“Dallas police called in the SWAT team and they have since set up a perimeter and have attempted to call the suspects out of the apartment. They continue to work toward a peaceful resolution.”

The Dallas law enforcement community received no response. Intimidation by show of force and seemingly unlimited firepower and resources make quite an impression on this incident.

Watch WFAA’s coverage HERE.


All dressed up and nowhere to go.

After 6 hours the stand-off concluded. No one was in the apartment. Now, Dallas Police are investigating their own investigation.

We have a victim. We have a crime. There just aren’t any identified suspects. With no real confirmation of anything except an onslaught of force was directed at the alleged scene.

I have no problem with precautionary measures. And, Dallas is a dangerous city. But this time, Dallas police unleashed an armed force larger than most combat patrols in active war zones. The entire shift of over 40 officers, not counting emergency personnel, spent on absolutely nothing. The only armed terror threat on site were the officers themselves.

Reacting on a traumatized victim’s statement and mostly their own suspicions, Dallas police deployed in full combat gear and took over a small community. Holding everyone hostage until they determined there was no immediate threat.

Dallas, Texas. A conservative approach toward protection and service.

This goes way beyond ‘better safe than sorry’. From the same unit that brought you a raid on an organic farm in search of marijuana.  Close quarter combat search and destroy tactics are being performed by a full on paramilitary authoritarian state. And based on research conducted for this particular article, these tactics are used multiple times monthly.

Why aren’t Libertarians howling with outrage over restriction of personal liberties? Why hasn’t the GOP come out on the side of smaller government? Why aren’t Conservatives screaming for less spending of tax dollars? Why hasn’t the right-wing mentioned municipal misappropriation of manpower? Why didn’t anyone knock on the damned door?

One look below at the residents displaced during the ordeal may explain the whole story. And if that’s not enough the WFAA reporter’s inference that the victim could be looking at possible charges could be a clue.

And remember, this is Texas. Dallas, Texas. A city and state where governmental intrusion takes on all forms. From gerrymandered districts to voting rights manipulation. Female medical care restrictions, LGBT intolerance, racism, corporate interest oligarchy and keeping the peace through force.

Had there been actual suspects holed up in the apartment, this story would be huge. But, because there wasn’t a firefight, this episode of Dallas SWAT Cops will mostly go unseen. A moment of embarrassment for the department followed by a friendly misdirection of focus for the masses. All before the next news cycle.

We don’t need you paying attention to the coordinated, unrestrained, overuse of force that you pay for the privilege of having now do we? And we sure don’t need you linking the continuing escalation of that overuse for community control and proliferation of political agenda.