Right Wing Media Critic Exposed As Fraud By Whistleblowing Employees

Brent Bozell, right-wing media critic, exposed as fraud by employees

Brent Bozell, Christian author and founder of right wing ‘Media Research Center,’ which led a campaign against ‘liberal media lies’ exposed as a fraud. Here is Bozell in front of one of 4 billboard trucks that MRC sent to ‘encircle mainstream media outlets,’ in 2010. – From the MRC Picasa website.

Brent Bozell, an outspoken right wing Christian and founder of the conservative ‘Media Research Center,’ (MRC) has been lying to the public for years. Bozell, who regularly accuses the ‘liberal media’ of lying, was exposed by former employees of the MRC. As it turns out, Bozell does not write any of the material he publishes under his name.

MRC whistleblowers confirmed that Bozell passes Tim Graham’s work off as his own.

Almost all of the work Bozell has taken credit and financial compensation for, has been written by Tim Graham. Graham’s official title is Media Analysis Director at MRC. The job includes a ghost writing agreement, that covers books and weekly newspaper columns, which are written by Graham, then published under Bozell’s name. “Tim resents having to do it,” a former employee told JimRomensko.com. “Bozell keeps 80 to 90 percent of the advance and all of the profits,”another former employee said in an email to Romenesko.

Bozell made a career out of accusing the media of lying.

Bozell’s MRC is a supposedly a ‘media watchdog,’ whose sole purpose is to keep the media honest.

During MRC’s ‘Tell The Truth In 2010’ campaign, the billboard trucks circled the Manhattan headquarters of ABC, NBC, CBS and the New York Times, 8 hours a day, every week day, for 4 weeks.

Of course Fox News wasn’t one of the targeted media outlets.

Bozell described the media as ‘lazy’ and ‘dishonest.’

In 2013, during one his regular appearances on Fox’s ‘Hannity’, Bozel referred to the ‘liberal media’ as ‘dumb,’ lazy,’ and ‘dishonest.’

According to the Daily Beast, not only did Bozell not bother to write his own books, he also didn’t bother to read the drafts that were written for him, before sending them off to the publisher.

That would be about as dumb, lazy and dishonest as any one person can get.

Bozell’s column gets dropped.

After the evil liberal media exposed Bozell as a fraud, who has been passing off other people’s work as his own for years, Bozell’s syndicated news agency, Creators Media Syndicate, announced that Graham and Bozell will be sharing a byline going forward.

That’s not good enough for some news organizations. The Iowa Quad-City Times is just one media outlet that has dropped Bazell’s column, stating

“Bozell may have been comfortable representing others’ work as his own. We’re not. The latest disclosure convinces us Bozell has no place on our print or web pages.”

Bozell is a fraud, who built his career by attempting to discredit every media organization that doesn’t promote extreme right-wing views. At the same time that he was hurling accusations at everyone, he was engaging in fraud and deception, on a grand scale.

Yet again conservatives have proven that the person who spends the most time accusing, is usually the one who is guilty of the crime.