Republican Politician Introduces Bill to Allow Sex Offenders at Schools And Playgrounds

Sex offenders at school: Republican brings bill to make it happen

A Republican politician in Georgia has introduced a bill that will allow convicted sex offenders to hang out at playgrounds and schools. Image: Screen shot

Both parties agree sex offender bill is insane.

It’s a sad fact that America is quickly becoming desensitized to the idiocy that comes out of certain politicians mouths. Honestly, what else could explain the fact that Todd Akin managed to pull nearly 40% of the vote in his state after claiming that “legitimate” rapes couldn’t lead to pregnancy? That insanity aside, though, it’s finally come to a point in American history where a Republican has brought both sides of the political spectrum together. Although, it’s not really in the way that most of us were hoping for.

“I Have never heard of such an insane law.”

In what may be deemed one of the most insane attempts at a law ever, Georgia state representative Sam Moore, a Republican out of Macedonia, GA, has put forward a bill that would literally remove the restrictions convicted sex offenders face on areas that they can be around. In fact, the new law, if passed, would allow those listed in sexual offender registries to loiter outside of schools, daycare centers, and even playgrounds.

Don’t scroll back up; you’re not reading an article from The Onion.  Although, it’s going to be nice to see how they could possibly make this story anymore insane than it already is. Fortunately, Moore’s attempt at lifting these common sense restrictions has drawn ire from both Democrats and his House colleagues. The sheriff of Cherokee, a man who once said he’d never enforce any new gun regulations passed by Congress, even went as far as saying:

“In my 34 years of law enforcement I have never heard of such an insane law having been introduced.”

You would think that pressing this sex offender law forward would be a momentary lapse in judgment that a politician would quickly backpedal on, but that’s definitely not the case for Representative Moore.

Moore thinks his reasoning is sound.

Representative Moore has faced harsh criticism from all sides after proposing this legislation, but it has not wavered his resolve. He stated that the law was initially intended to prevent police from demanding that people identify themselves, and to do this, he explained, Georgia needed to get rid of loitering laws. He further went on to explain that the restrictions that sex offenders face were contained within the loitering law, and that it was best to just start fresh.

Of course, Moore didn’t make a suggestion to replace the sexual offender loitering law, and sadly, he even stated that the state needed to have a discussion over these restrictions. When asked what he thought about convicted sexual offenders being allowed at places with children, he literally said:

“I am okay with that. The reason I’m okay with that is the assumption is they have done their time. If they’re still a danger to society, they should not be free […] Am I saying it’s not creepy? It’s definitely creepy.”

Unfortunately, it’s more than creepy. This is because there’s no real way to know whether a pedophile will continue in their criminal ways. Statistics show that 27% of untreated sex offenders will reoffend. For treated sexual offenders, this number is 19%. This means that one out of four or five sex offenders will recidivate, and the same study (PDF file) that lists these numbers points out that the likelihood of reoffending goes up when these offenders have more opportunity to do so. You know, like when they’re allowed to be around schools, daycare centers, and playgrounds.

Should we really be surprised?

Most people are surprised or flat out disgusted when they initially hear about this new attempt at a law that allows sex offenders around children, but honestly, should they be? Many members in the Republican Party, also referred to as “the party of morality,” would benefit from these types of laws. After all, former Republican Mayor Philip Giordano, who was convicted of having sexual relations with an 8 and a 10-year-old girl, would probably love this new law when he gets out of prison.

Then there’s Republican county commissioner David Swartz, who was recently released after spending time in prison for raping two girls, ages 6 and 12, that might want to head to the Peach State and hang around some playgrounds. Sadly for Donald “Buz” Lukens, a former Republican U.S. Representative convicted for paying money to a 16-year-old girl for sex, he passed away a few years before the new law would’ve done him any good.

But I digress. This is definitely an issue that both sides can likely agree on, but honestly, it wouldn’t be too surprising to think that some people would agree with the measure simply because restricting certain areas may seem like a “violation of civil liberties.” There’s no point, however, in claiming that this is a Republican issue. After all, Moore’s colleagues absolutely hated the idea, but when a party has made a name for itself over the past decade for saying and doing stupid things, they really don’t have much room left for insanity like this.