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  1. Lawrens
    March 2, 2014

    The “media” how quaint.

  2. Paul B
    March 2, 2014

    No-show is our corporate media at its best.

    We certainly don’t want them to lose those advert dollars. Otherwise they couldn’t produce that fine programming like reality shows.

  3. hdrinehart
    March 2, 2014

    Thank you Moongrim, for speaking truth to the universe. Thank you, Ms. Montesano, for providing us with this information.

    I am shocked that Maddow and TYT did not have at least a presence there, as the publicity value of being clipped free from the fence by police and processed has to be enormous.

    I am saddened by mainstream media’s absence, but heartened that our own young people have begun eco-media ‘terrorism’, and pray that the American Spring is soon to follow.

    As for Obama, the kindest thing I can say for and about him is this–(question)Do you know how to tell when a politician is lying to you? (answer)His or her lips are moving.

    Blessed Be

    Henry D. Rinehart

    -Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill; ‘An ye harm none, do what ye will’-

  4. Moongrim
    March 2, 2014

    Considering how much of the media is owned by the Koch Brothers Crime Syndicate….

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