WATCH: US Hypocritically Warns Russia Not To ‘Invade Another Country’ On Flimsy Pretexts

Warmongers urge war in Ukraine, Kerry issues warning to Russia

While warmongers with oil interests urge war in the Ukraine, John Kerry went on ‘Meet the Press’ and warned Russia not to do what we do all the time.

The warmongers are at it again. They take every chance they get to promote war. The military industrial complex wants the president to act. Do you think the moneyed interest prefer ‘strength’ over diplomacy? Is it real war that they want or a semblance of war to keep bilking us all.

To be clear, no one supports Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. No one supports Viktor Yanukovych, the corrupt ex-president of Ukraine. Yet he was democratically elected. America must decide if it will live by the law it wants others to follow for the orderly and democratic transition of power or simply support mob rule when it is in their interest.

“You just don’t invade another country on phony pretext in order to assert your interests.” — US Secretary of State John Kerry on warmongering in the Ukraine.

Yesterday on Meet The Press Secretary of State John Kerry said, ”You just don’t invade another country on phony pretext in order to assert your interests.” Vladimir Putin probably laughed his head off after listening to that one.

The reality is the United States has set the precedent for invading countries, unilaterally if necessary, to ‘protect’ its interests. Iraq was invaded under the ‘phony pretext’ of weapons of mass destruction. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis died. Grenada was invaded under the ‘phony pretext’ of protecting the lives of medical students in the country after a coup and a ‘request’ from Barbados and Dominica. Dozens died in that country of under 100,000 people. Panama was invaded under the ‘phony pretext’ of a confrontation in Panama City that left a US officer dead. Over ten thousand Panamanians died though the official numbers range from 500 to 4000. Most recently we invaded Iraq and got ourselves into a quagmire for “weapons of mass destruction” (WMD) that weren’t there.

America has set the precedent of supporting dictatorships when it was in its interest. One need not look too far in time. Ferdinand Marcos, Hosni Mubarak, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, and even Saddam Hussein and Manuel Antonio Noriega at one point had full US support and access.

After more than a decade of war, Americans are tired of pilfering their treasure to support a war industrial complex that enriches a few. Lindsey Graham and other politicians are attempting to goad the president into taking a more belligerent step with Russia. They believe by calling the president weak they will force him on a war footing.

The president must ignore all the warmongers and proceed with diplomacy. The president must know that Europe needs Russia’s energy supplies that go through Ukraine. The president must know that unlike the vociferous warmongers in the United States, Europeans are always cautious before engaging. The president must know that real military action with Russia would be reckless knowing it has the potential to escalate to a place no one wants.

A pro-war stance from warmongers must be ignored.

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