Vladimir Putin Might Be America’s Savior, According To Religious Zealot

Don Feder Says We Could Send Unit Armed With Vibrators To Ukraine

Don Feder is another U.S. conservative seeking a bromance with Russia’s Putin. He thinks gays and lesbians in our military are causing Putin to laugh at us.


World Congress of Families spokesman and right-wing zealot Don Feder thinks that gays in the military, marriage equality and abortion are bigger threats to the U.S. than Russia. He also doesn’t blame Russian president Vladimir Putin for invading Ukraine, because they’re making moves toward joining the European Union.

To him, wanting to join the E.U. is bad because it means accepting marriage equality and on-demand abortion. It also means rejecting Judeo-Christian values. If Canada were to make this move, then it would (or should) bother us. To Don Feder, repealing laws like Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell means Putin no longer takes us seriously. “Perhaps we could deploy an elite unit, armed with vibrators, to the Crimea to counter Spetsnaz commandos,” he quipped.

Don Feder also said, “When Reagan was president, the expression pro-Western meant something. It meant pro-representative government, pro-human rights and pro-Western (Judeo-Christian) values.”

Except, again, we aren’t a Christian nation and we never have been.

Don Feder sees Putin as a type of savior.

This isn’t the first time Don Feder has defended and praised Putin. In fact, he thinks Putin will be America’s savior. He actually seems to see Putin as some sort of foreign Ronald Reagan, who will come and save us from the communism that is LGBT rights and equality. Also, because Putin is “too grounded in reality,” he could never make it in U.S. politics.

Don Feder also thinks that, since LGBT equality isn’t specifically spelled out in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, or the U.N’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, there are no actual rights to grant the LGBT community at all. Article 16 of the U.N.’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights is often interpreted to include the LGBT community. Even so, the specific language isn’t there. The U.N.’s human rights office launched Free & Equal back in 2013. The goal is outreach and greater equality for the LGBT community worldwide.

Lots of conservatives are praising Putin.

Don Feder is far from the only one praising Putin for his moves. Mitt Romney thinks Putin has outperformed Obama on the world stage many times. Rudy Giuliani praised Putin for making decisions and quickly carrying them out, instead of talking them over with other people. Matt Drudge called him “the leader of the free world.” And on it goes.

Putin does, at least in some ways, appear to be like U.S. conservatives, so perhaps people like Don Feder identify with him. But Don Feder likes Putin for the wrong reasons. The biggest problem with his fears is that they are based in religion. There’s no way to convince people like him that the U.S. is not, and has never been, a Christian nation. In fact, making us a Christian nation would be illegal under the Constitution.

Of course, Don Feder also criticizes Obama for “treating the Constitution as a series of suggestions.” When are he and his ilk going to realize that, by trying to make us a Christian nation, they are doing the exact same thing? Don Feder would treat the 1st Amendment like a suggestion. That’s hypocrisy that needs to stop.