WATCH: ‘Homo Demons’ Pastor Has Something To Say About The Young Turks’ Breasts

Young Turks Pastor Manning "My Breast Friend"

Pastor Manning is feuding with ‘The Young Turks’ over his ‘homo demons’ sign. But, instead of arguing his case, he attacks both Cenk’s and Ana’s breasts. Photo: Screen shot from The Young Turks video.

Pastor Manning has a reply for The Young Turks.

You remember Pastor Manning, don’t you? He’s the one who puts insane signs up in front of his Harlem church. I wrote about his latest sign last week. That article includes a video from The Young Turks about the sign. Well apparently, Pastor Manning has an obsession with The Young Turks‘ Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian. How else could you describe his urge to reply to their report even though he has nothing of substance to say?

Pastor Manning and The Young Turks have a history.

If you watched the video in my previous article, you have some idea of the history between Pastor Manning and Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian. If you didn’t, let me sum up: Pastor Manning decided he would respond to a TYT report on his signs. In that video, he spent quite awhile talking about Cenk’s name:

“I don’t know if this guy’s name is ‘Sink’… maybe his name is ’50 Sink’… C-E-N-K… maybe it’s ’50 Sink’. Maybe it’s spelled wrong and it should be a ‘T’ at the end rather than a ‘K’… And then they call him ‘Uygur’… I don’t know about it. Maybe it’s Bob Uecker his daddy…”

He also wondered who The Young Turks were, at that point. Were they Turkish? Were they a street gang? He didn’t know. Maybe they were from another planet. Sure. Because any name that looks or sounds funny just isn’t right, somehow. Ana points out the inevitable conclusion that can be drawn from Pastor Manning’s ridiculous monologue: “This guy is extremely stupid.” What else can one think about a man who doesn’t understand that a Turk is from Turkey? Give him a bit of credit, he did mention Turkey at one point but never managed to put two-and-two together.

Pastor Manning’s latest salvo is too bizarre for words

Like most demagogues, Pastor Manning just couldn’t leave well enough alone. He just had to reply to TYT‘s comments on his strange attack. He should have just let it be. Because his reply is one of the weirdest things you will ever hear.


Wow. I’m not sure where to begin: the obvious projection in Pastor Manning’s “evaluation” of Cenk or his obsession with breasts — male and female. His opening rant is one of the most breathtaking examples of projection I have ever heard:

“Ya know Cenk, I suspect that you are either homosexual, in the closet or a heavy homosexual sympathizer… and you are in denial. See how you wear that shirt, how you wear it open…? trying to show your chest hair… and you got a breast. Men who do that… the second button… you’re trying to show something.”

Pastor Manning goes on to compare Cenk to Lupita Nyong’o, whose Oscar gown exposed her bare chest. Cenk, he says, is trying to show his breasts. Cenk is also jealous of “what is that woman’s name” — he can’t remember so he just calls Ana “Betty Boop.” Ana laughs that off good-naturedly, but I think it’s the height of misogynistic condescension. But, Pastor Manning surmises, Cenk must be jealous of…

“… well, you see what kind of frontal assault she has there… her neckline. So I figured it out, Cenk… “

“Frontal assault”?! This is comedy gold! And, even though Pastor Manning obviously appreciates Ana’s “frontal assault,” the two Young Turks can’t quite put their finger on Pastor Manning’s sexuality. The good pastor seems to be obsessed with both of their breasts. He’s all about that “frontal assault.”

Uygur and Kasparian admit that they shouldn’t reply, but…

How can you not show this video to the TYT viewers, Kasparian wonders. You can’t. It’s just too entertaining. The thing is, Pastor Manning has no actual argument. He never mentions the sign or TYT’s coverage of his vendetta against President Obama. No, he just goes straight for the ad hominem attacks. But, as Cenk points out, Pastor Manning is…

“… an old-school carnival barker. But he did get one thing right… I am a heavy homosexual sympathizer. I’m heavy and I sympathize with homosexuals. He got it right.”

The pièce de résistance.

Pastor Manning’s video continues.This is the most bizarre part:

“I think that the reason you’re doing all that snickering… is that your partner, Betty Boop, I think she knows that you’re homosexual and I’m pretty sure that she’s a lesbian, too. She’s got those hard lines… I can’t imagine a straight woman… both ya’ll… I’m gonna call ya’ll the ‘Breast Twins’… to describe things that are anatomical that gives (sic) us an idea of where you are coming from and what you are all about. Especially when you are deceitful with it.. I think Miss Betty Boop… is a lesbian because, were she not a lesbian, she would look at you a different way. And, were you not a homosexual, you wouldn’t be laughing about her.”

Let that one sink in for a minute. Women are not able to sit at a desk with a man without throwing themselves at their male co-anchor unless they are a lesbian. That seems to be what Pastor Manning is saying. And with all the “breast” Cenk is showing, how could Ana possibly resist unless she’s a lesbian? With “hard lines.” Whatever the hell that means.

It’s one thing to argue from an ideological standpoint, using reason and facts to make your point. But Pastor Manning never once mentions the actual substance of TYT’s complaints about him and his signs. No, he bases his entire rebuttal on Cenk’s and Ana’s appearance. How they look, what they wear and their breasts. Instead of appearing reasonable, with a valid point, Pastor Manning comes off as a repressed, possibly bisexual boob. And, while that is very entertaining, it doesn’t help his cause one iota. And it gave TYT fuel for their ongoing YouTube war. This could be the best viewing on the Intertoobs. Breast Twin powers, activate!

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