WATCH: Possible Hate Crime As Lesbian Couple Murdered In Texas, Left Behind Dumpster

Another Hate Crime In Texas? Lesbian Couple Beaten And Murdered

Photo of Crystal Jackson and Britney Cosby

Early Friday morning, the savagely beaten bodies of Crystal Jackson and Britney Cosby were discovered behind a dumpster near the Fisherman’s Cove store in Port Bolivar, Texas. Authorities do not currently have a suspect in custody.

Crystal Jackson, 24, the mother of a five year old girl, had been seeing Cosby, also 24, for two years. The couple had planned on heading down to Glaveston, TX for Madi Gras according to Jackson’s father who spoke with them on Wednesday, just before they disappeared. It’s not currently known if the couple ever reached their destination. The police believe that the women were killed in different locations and by different methods. It is reported that Crystal Jackson had been severely beaten, although an autopsy has yet to confirm the time and cause of death for either woman. It is also unknown at this time if they were sexually assaulted.

Crystal Jackson and Britney Cosby described as “soul mates.”

The two families are devastated and looking for answers. Lequetia, Crystal Jackson’s sister broke down in tears while being interviewed:

“What did they do to for you to kill my sister? You beat my sister up and you just, messed her up to the point she can’t breath no more”


Police already have a sketch of the man last seen with the couple.

On Sunday, police released the sketch of a man believed to have been the last person seen with the victims:


The police sketch describes the man as a black man in his late 20s or early 30s, 5 foot 11 inches to 6 feet tall with an average build. He has a slight mustache and a small soul-patch-type of beard, according to the sketch released Sunday night.

Sheriff Henry Trochesset said the man was last seen with Crystal Jackson and Britney Cosby in the womens’ car, a 2006 Kia Sorento with gray trim that has paper plates.

The police have so far refused to speculate on a motive for the crime but have not ruled out the possibility of a hate crime.