Busted! ‘Homophobic’ Southern States Watch More Gay Porn Than Other States

Southerners watch more gay adult materials online than in other states.

Who watches more gay porn? A new study shows a most interesting answer. Them good ol’ boys are doing an awful lot of one-handed typing at their computers! Map of pornhub’s gay porn searches by state courtesy of PornHub.

It began with a simple question… Proceeding from the assumption that less sex in a marriage turns straight couples to online porn, does the same hold true for gay married couples? Pornhub and Buzzfeed sought the answers and got some surprising results.

Gay porn use in states where same-sex marriage is legal.

The first thing researchers looked for was the average percentage of gay porn viewers in states where same-sex marriage is legal versus views in states where it is not. The average in states where same-sex marriage is legal is 4.41%. A slightly lower average — 4.13%  — was seen in states where it is not legal. That’s a difference of 7% more gay porn being viewed in states where same-sex marriage is legal. This is relatively unsurprising. Remember, those are averages. So the higher number of 4.41% comes from averaging numbers from 17 states (including the District of Columbia). Now consider that the lower number of 4.13% came from averaging 34 states. So maybe those numbers weren’t fairly arrived at. Maybe we need to look state-by-state. Wait for it…

Gay porn viewership by state.

Looking at gay porn viewers by state, we see an interesting phenomenon. Why, would you look at that! The highest numbers are, by and large, in southern states. Hmmmm. But all of those states hold that same-sex marriage is illegal, right? There wouldn’t be just a tinge of hypocrisy at play here, would there? You bet your stars & bars there is. Every single southern state has a percentage of gay porn viewers higher than the average for states with legal same-sex marriage. That’s right: all of them have a gay porn viewership higher than that 4.41%. At the top of the heap list is Mississippi. That state has a gay porn viewership of 5.6 percent. Louisiana and Georgia are close behind with 5.44 percent and 5.38 percent, respectively (numbers were rounded for the map below). The state with the lowest percentage of gay porn viewers is Montana, with 2.65 percent. The numbers for states where same-sex marriage is legal are somewhat lower. Hawai’i is number one with the same percentage as Georgia at 5.38 percent, followed by New York and California tied with 3.27 percent. The lowest number among these states is 3.25% in Minnesota. You can see the numbers for each state in the handy-dandy map shown above. How they got these gay porn numbers How were these numbers reached? The folks at Pornhub tell us:

“We pulled terms and traffic to gay searches. We couldn’t break down “lesbian” because we don’t track our users on a micro-granular level (i.e., gender, sexual orientation, etc.). So for example, lesbian searches can account for, like, 40% of a city’s searches, but 80% of those searchers may likely be men. So to answer, it’s a rundown of gay porn from male users.”

Pornhub Insights does this sort of thing for a living. They “compile data from billions of hits” to find their numbers. Then they put all those numbers into a report. Like this one. Other recent studies concern traffic during the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony and traffic during the Super Bowl™.

This study answers an important question.

If you have ever read some genuine hate mail from right-wing nutjobs, you may have noticed what I have: the preponderance of gay porn references. For example, I’ve been a member over at Daily Kos for 10 years. The founder of that website, Markos Moulitsas, used to share some of the best pieces of hate mail with us every Saturday morning. We would feel included in the hate-fest and get an idea of the kind of people who made up the extreme far right. Let me tell you, there were some real doozies! We got them all: racists, homophobes, John Birchers, conspiracy theorists…you name it. Many of these emails would contain the most interesting descriptions of gay sex that one could ever imagine. From guys who swore up and down that they were not gay, thankyouverymuch. Here’s an example (redacted for human beings, but not corrected):

“You are a known homo so it must have involve some kind of gay s**t? Did you s*ck his d**k? (Ed.referring to Justice Roberts) Did you lick his b**ls while obama s*cked his d**k? did you lube up his d**k with some f*ggy ‘organic’ olive oil and let him f**k your armpit? Or did you just bend over and took it in the a** like a (liberal) man?” (source)

That’s pretty detailed knowledge for someone who “isn’t gay.” Of course, our gay DK members would have too much fun with stuff like this in the comments (the comments were always blast). We would wonder if these weren’t insults but fantasies. Now, I think, we have our answer. I wonder if the guy who wrote that passage lived in Mississippi?