House GOP Go To War Against The States; Seek To Give Federal Government Total Control

GOP Launches War On States Rights; Wants Big Government To Take Over

The GOP is waging war on states rights, demanding that federal law trump state law – threatening to go after states that legally claim federal dollars. – Cartoon by Bill Day,

Republicans are all about states rights, right? If that’s true, how do you explain that this week the GOP congress launched a full-scale war on the rights of the states? Aside from passing a bill that would require the big, bad, evil federal government to force all of its policies on the states, GOP lawmakers also vowed to find new ways to keep the states from getting their hands on federal tax dollars.

The GOP claims to support states rights, but wants the federal government to squash them.

This week the GOP congress passed a bill that would force the president to enforce federal laws, even in states that have laws that conflict with federal law.

Addicting Info’s Rika Christensen reported that the bill, known as the ‘ENFORCE the law act’ would allow congress to sue the president for not enforcing federal law over state law. Among other things, the bill would require federal prosecution for pot and hemp, even in states that have legalized their use.

The Obama administration has taken major steps in support of states rights on the issue of pot. In fact, at the same time that the GOP congress voted to do away with the rights of states, Attorney General Eric Holder announced plans to relax federal sentencing laws for drug related crimes. Prior to that, the president expressed support for states rights, vowing not to prosecute those who are growing or using pot according to the law of the state that they live in. Holder also tweaked federal laws, in order to allow banks to accept pot money, without fear of prosecution.

The ‘Enforce the law act,’ introduced by Trey Gowdy (R-SC), Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), Jim Gerlach (R-PA) and Darrell Issa (R-CA), would essentially wipe out the power of the states to govern themselves. The bill passed along party lines. Not surprisingly, it stands no chance of passing in the Senate.

The GOP congress is not done attacking states rights.

House republicans are also outraged that some states are still feeding the poor. After the GOP congress used a technicality to try to gut the federal food assistance program, some states scrambled to find a way to keep on feeding the poor.

The recent cuts to SNAP center on the heating assistance program. Under the old Farm Bill, low-income citizens who also qualified for any amount of home heating assistance, were able to get an extra $90 a month in SNAP benefits. At the time, 17 states gave low income citizens a $1.00 home heating credit, in order to ensure that they would get the extra help with food. When Congress passed the new Farm Bill, they raised the threshold from ‘any amount’ to $20, but left the program in tact.

Governors in five states, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Montana and Connecticut, began giving low-income citizens the $20 threshold payment. A decision that is both legal and humane. Of course this outraged the GOP congress. The cry, once again, is that the states must stopped, their rights must be limited, their use of federal funds must be halted.

House Speaker John Boehner claims that states are ‘cheating’ by using federal food assistance dollars for, well, feeding people. House republican Frank Lucas has vowed a new set of hearings, new bills and a new set of amendments, all to keep states from being able to claim SNAP funds .

Yes, the states do have the right to allocate energy assistance funds to low-income citizens. States also have the right to claim SNAP funds to help feed the poor, since that is what those funds are set aside to do.

But when states rights collide with the GOP agenda of making poor people suffer for being poor, the GOP stands against states rights. It’s clear that making sure poor people don’t eat is far more important to republicans than states rights will ever be.

In spite of all the rhetoric about states rights and limited government, the truth is all too obvious. The GOP does not support anyone’s rights, not the states and surely not the voters. The republican party is an oppressive regime that will impose its severe and restrictive policies on every person in the US, if they are ever given the chance. Without strong democratic leadership in the Senate and White House to stop them, the GOP would soon turn the US into a totalitarian state, with a very big, corporate owned government, dictating our every move.