LOOK: These Posters Prove The Tea Party Is TOTALLY Delusional

Meet The Ted Cruz That Exists Only In The Tea Parties Wild Dreams

Racist, sexist, Jew hating, homophobic artist uses Ted Cruz to illustrate the difference between reality and the tea party’s warped self identity. – From Breitbart.com

Ted Cruz’s ego is getting a real boost from a LA artist. Posters created by an artist named Sabo, who refers to himself as ‘the only true rebel in LA’ are promoting a naked, tattooed, Ted Cruz with a cigarette dangling from his mouth. Who else would Sabo, who is an outspoken racist, sexist, Jew hating, homophobe choose besides Ted Cruz to immortalize in poster art?


Cruz, who recently tweeted about the posters, noticed just one thing wrong. He said he doesn’t smoke. Ok. I noticed a few other things, for example, he’s at least 50 pounds heavier and 20 years older than the artist wants us to think he is. He obviously isn’t covered with tattoos, and most people in the US don’t see Cruz as the kind of hero the artist is trying to portray him as. That’s just right off the top of my head.

Did Cruz hire Sabo to design the posters?

I can only wonder if Ted Cruz, or someone associated with Cruz, commissioned Sabo to create these posters.

The artist shows a Ted Cruz that exists only in Ted Cruz’s narcissistic dreams. Like most modern day “patriots” Cruz certainly imagines himself to be an idol of the masses, a hero who will save America from the ‘fags and niggers and bitches’ Sabo rails about.

What’s frightening is that in the minds of Cruz and his mentally deranged followers, what liberty demands is that the freedom to oppress, harm, belittle and hate others be protected at all costs.

Fags are the new niggers and Hillary is a bitch.

Yes, fags are the new niggers, Hillary is bitch and Ted Cruz is a tattooed, cigarette smoking, unclothed patriot and protector of liberty. And here you thought Cruz was just a slimy, Doctor Seuss reading, snake oil salesman, out to enforce his daddy’s brand of religious extremism on the entire country.

In 2012, Sabo created a campaign called ‘Fag the new nigger.’ He’s created a whole realm of political propaganda, depicting Hillary Clinton as a Russian, Nazi, hillbilly (?) socialist, attacking Jews, Muslims and everyone else doesn’t embrace extreme religious fervor, bigotry and hate as a way of life.

UnsavoryAgents, the website where Sabo hosts his ‘artwork’ will give you one a tattooed Ted Cruz poster for a $50 donation. There is nowhere on the site where you can identify the charitable status. There is also no financial disclosure statement. According to the Oxford dictionary, Sabo is the recognized abbreviation for the word ‘sabotage.’

Do people really see Ted Cruz the way Ted Cruz sees himself?

When I saw these posters it was if someone had brought to life the distorted self image of pretty much every American ‘patriot’ and militia leader in the United States. They may be old, fat, bald, toothless, dirty and any number of other distasteful things, but the large majority of tea party patriots see themselves as the ‘saviors’ of America.

In their minds, they’re the defenders of liberty and the protectors of freedom. We just don’t understand how important they are. Someday, they believe, after they have saved us from the evils of equality and justice for all we’ll all throw roses at their feet and erect statues in their honor.

What Ted Cruz actually looks like:

What Tea Party Patriots actually look like:

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What narcissistic tea party patriots think they look like: