WATCH: Leader Of The KKK Cites ‘Boom In Membership’ Since 2008

Since 2008 the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) has experienced ‘a boom in membership.’ In an interview with NBC12, on March 20, 2014, KKK Imperial Wizard Frank Ancona said that KKK membership has tripled over the past 6 years, the time in which Ancona says he’s been leader of the organization.

Racism is dead in America?

The right wing continues to push the myth that racism is no longer an issue in America. That idea is contrary to every available fact and statistic. Not only is racism not dead, it is a problem that is becoming increasingly worse. Maybe it’s because many people would prefer to deny there is a problem, than to confront it head on, or even to acknowledge it exists.

Take Frank Ancona, for example. He’s head of one the most widely recognized hate groups in the country. The white hoods worn by Klan members are a symbol of everything that is ugly and evil about humanity. Yet Ancona doesn’t recognize that he’s a part of a hate group. On the contrary, he claims that the KKK is simply a ‘non violent, Christian organization.”

I wonder what was so special about 2008?

For those who don’t know yet, in 2008 the United States elected the first black president in its history. The spike in KKK membership just happened to coincide with that period in history. Imagine that.

Hardly a day goes by that some right wing politician, talk radio hosttelevision personality or preacher doesn’t say something so disgustingly racist it makes you wonder how such a person could be allowed to rise to a level of prominence in the United States.

Right wing politicians and spokespersons have been feeding their followers a three course meal of hate, fear and envy since the 1930’s, when Herbert Hoover first developed the Southern Strategy and used it to try to attract white, southern racists to the Republican Party.

For a while it seemed that we had successfully made it unpopular and unacceptable for US politicians to be openly racist. But since the 2008 election, and the rise of the Tea Party, racism has reared its ugly head all across the country.

Obama is a Muslim. Obama is a Kenyan. Obama is not a US citizen. Obama is un-American. Obama is an illegitimate president. Obama is the food stamp president. On and on it goes.

Unfortunately, there are more than enough equally low minded people to keep the racist right wing going, and now growing, in America. Hate crimes are on the rise and the number of hate groups has increased, along with the membership numbers of long existing hate groups, like the KKK.

Who can sleep knowing the Klan is awake?

Ancona’s group has a spotlight cast on it, after members left literature in neighborhoods in Chesterfield County, Virginia. The fliers proclaimed the message “You can sleep tonight knowing the Klan is awake.”

While some residents that received the fliers spoke out against Klan activity in their neighborhoods, Ancona brushed off the complaints, saying:

“The funny thing is the same neighborhoods where you’re saying there are people who don’t want the flier are neighborhoods where are members live and neighborhoods where people are sympathetic to our cause and are glad to hear from us.”

Racism is in the House.

Since before the civil war racism has been deeply rooted in Virginia’s Chesterfield County. It’s no surprise, then, that the county is home to House republicans J. Randy Forbes and Eric Cantor. Forbes and Cantor are as much the products of the deep south’s racist legacy, as the deep south continues to be a product of the racists they elect to represent them.

A 2012 study shows that racism as a whole, has dramatically increased in the United States, since 2008. One problem is that we have allowed hate speech, directed both at our president and at all minorities, to be brought back into the mainstream conversation. A racist narrative is more and more openly pushed by republicans hoping to win elections by pitting blacks and whites against each other. The change in attitudes and climate has not been accidental, although many times the speech is subtle, and the overall shift has been gradual.

Those who stand for human rights and equality have gained some ground in the last six years, but they’ve also lost quite a bit of ground. The national media is all too willing to promote racist speech, stirring the pot, as controversy often equates to profits.

Conservative talk radio hosts and Fox media personalities have a large audience, willing to accept the right wings convoluted version of the real world. The subtle and constant brainwashing of the population, is beginning to have its desired effect. Without a strong counter movement, we are likely to see these groups swell to dangerous levels, at which point they will no doubt revert to violent and terroristic methods of accomplishing their goals.

Here’s the video: – Richmond, VA News