Texas City Literally Pays Ted Nugent To Stay Away From Their July 4th Celebration

Texas City Pays Ted Nugent To Not Show Up For Their Fourth Of July Festival

If you could pay Ted Nugent to not step one foot into your town, would you do it? Well, one Texas city is actually doing just that. – Photo of Ted Nugent from his facebook page.

Longview, Texas is paying Ted Nugent to stay away from the city this July 4th.

When the city of Longview, Texas planned it’s 2nd Annual July 4th festival, it had wanted Ted Nugent to participate. But because Nugent has been campaigning in support of Greg Abbott for governor of Texas, the town now has second thoughts.

In an effort to keep Ted Nugent’s brand of crazy from attending their July 4th celebration this year, the city is paying the conservative loudmouth $16,000 to stay out of town. The city had previously agreed to pay Nugent $32,000 to perform at the event. However, Nugent’s offensive behavior and actions made the city more desperate to keep him out than to bring him aboard.

Ted Nugent’s history of offensive statements and actions made the town think twice about inviting him to perform.

Ever since he began to campaign on behalf of Greg Abbott, Nugent has been placed in the national spotlight. Because of that, his past statements and actions are highlighted both in media coverage and by Texas Democrats. And so are his most recent ones.

Even before Nugent made his first appearance on the campaign trail, Abbott was roundly criticized for letting him go anywhere near it. Just one month earlier, Nugent participated in an interview in which he referred to President Obama as a “subhuman mongrel” and ranted about Hillary Clinton having “spare scrotums”. Needless to say, the Wendy Davis campaign was quick to point out these hateful comments. Of course, Nugent is controversial for other reasons as well.

In 2012, he threatened to rape a female CBS producer. A year earlier, he openly called for punishing the poor while advocating for slashing safety net programs that prevent millions of Americans from slipping into poverty. But that’s not all. He once suggested that President Obama be shot and killed. He’s guilty of being a deadbeat dad. He offers canned hunts to people who want to shoot animals that can’t escape. He’s also basically a pedophile who married a teenager he was the legal guardian of so that he could have sex with her. Oh, and he crapped in his pants to avoid the draft during the Vietnam War. He’s a coward and a creep, so naturally, the Republican Party loves him.

Can we pay Nugent to leave America and never return?

The city of Longview, Texas and all the residents who reside there should be rejoicing that they won’t have such a man within the city limits when their festival begins. For decades, he has behaved in ways that should have made him a pariah in civilized society. He certainly shouldn’t be involved in politics or political races. Clearly, Longview realized it made a mistake by asking Nugent to perform there in the first place. Instead of giving Nugent his full fee, they paid him half to not show up, which makes one wonder. Clearly, America has made a mistake by letting Nugent spread his hate and stupidity. So how much money would it take to pay Nugent to leave America and never come back?