Conservatives Blame Muslims For Fort Hood Shooting, Call For Attacks On Muslim Citizens

Conservatives automatically blame Muslims for the Fort Hood shooting.

In the wake of the Fort Hood shootings, conservatives began calling for open attacks on Muslims, before any facts about the shooter were known.

Another day, another mass shooting in America. This time a 34 year old soldier named Ivan Lopez opened fire at Fort Hood, a Texas Military installation. 4 people are reported dead, one of them the shooter. Another 8 were injured.

Conservatives blame Muslims for shootings, call for open attacks on all Muslims.

One reason some people are described as prejudice has to do with the fact that they rush to judgment, not waiting to find out what the facts are. Another reason has to do with the fact that their judgment is based on preconceived ideas about what people are like, what they do, how they think, what they believe. Everything is black in white. Everything is small and easy to classify. Everyone fits neatly into your box.

What’s really known about Ivan Lopez, besides the fact that he was a 34 year old US soldier stationed at Fort Hood? A picture published in the Fort Hood Herald, now being circulated on Twitter, is accompanied by text stating Lopez was a Specialist, 1st Battalion, Warrior Transition Brigade. In the photo, dated 2010, Lopez is wearing what appears to be a wedding ring.

Here’s the photo of Spc. Ivan Lopez.

Conservatives automatically blame Muslims for the Fort Hood shooting.

We also know that he’s now dead, apparently of a self inflicted wound. Lopez, and at least three others along with him. We know that families are grieving and others are feeling a great sense of relief, upon finding out that their loved ones are safe.

Never a miss a chance to call out for more killing.

The answer to every killing is more killing, according to conservatives. The answer to every shooting is more death, more guns, more violence, more hate.

Breitbart contributor, Pat Dollard, responded to the news of the Fort Hood shooting by immediately calling for Muslims to be slaughtered in the streets. The #Muslim hashtag began trending on twitter, with various gun nuts and war mongers and religious bigots seizing the opportunity to let their racist, bigoted, hateful personalities run free and unfettered, believing all the while that all their hate and violence is justified, because it is holier than other people’s hate and violence.







What if Lopez was a Christian?

If Lopez turns out to have been a member of a Christian church, raised in a Christian family, will it be the fault of Christianity that he became a killer? When talking to right wing Christians about the difference between Christianity and Islam, they claim the Bible doesn’t tell them to kill anyone. If that’s the case then why are they are always demanding someone be killed?

It’s not the case. In fact, there are hundreds of verses in the Christian Bible where they are told to kill people. Examples of people who were to be put to death included:

anyone who worked on the Sabbath Day (Number 15:33 – 36)

anyone who cursed their father or mother (Exodus 21:17)

anyone who guilty of adultery (Leviticus 20: 10-12)

any engaged virgin who was raped (Deuteronomy 22: 23- 27)

Plus, anyone who commits perjury or blasphemy, anyone who is a drunkard, anyone who claims to be a prophet who is not and of course, anyone who worships idols or foreign Gods (and on and on,) For conservatives to deny that the Bible says these same types of things is just absurd.

There are fanatics in both the Christian and the Muslim religion. Mothers who drown their babies in bath tubs because “God” told them to, fathers who beat and starve their kids to make them ‘obedient to God,’ KKK members and priests who molest little kids, those people are no more representative of everyone that practices Christianity than fanatical Muslims are representative of everyone who practices Islam.

The most likely scenario is that Lopez was a soldier who was suffering from PTSD, a mental health disorder brought about from repeated trauma, often accompanied by exposure to extreme violence. Of all the things conservative claim can be solved by more violence, PTSD can only be solved when we decide to bring an end to the violence.