Bad News For Republicans: New Poll Shows More Americans Support Obamacare Than Oppose It

Bad News GOP - Poll Shows Obamacare Is Now Supported Across Political Spectrum

Do you want to make Republicans throw a temper tantrum? Just show them this latest Washington Post-ABC News poll. Obamacare support surges across spectrum. – Bob Englehart, The Hartford Courant

Poll: Americans are behind Obamacare.

The newly released poll reveals that Obamacare now has more support than opposition. For the first time, President Obama’s signature health care law has turned the numbers around. 49 percent back it while 48 percent oppose. The overall poll is close, but looking deeper into the results tells an interesting story.

Conservative support for Obamacare has doubled since November.

As it turns out, support for Obamacare has risen across party lines. In just the last three months alone, support for the law has risen among Democrats from 65 percent to 76 percent. Support for Obamacare has slightly dropped among Republicans and Independents. But, in a surprising twist, support for the law has actually risen among conservatives. Yes, I said conservatives. Since November, the percent of conservatives who support the Affordable Care Act has more than doubled. 36 percent of them back it compared to only 17 percent five months ago. It looks like a lot of conservatives actually like having affordable health care.

7.1 million Americans are covered by Obamacare despite GOP doomsday claims.

This is fantastic news for Democrats as the 2014 midterm election approaches. Despite all of the apocalyptic claims that the GOP has repeated about the law since 2010, it’s clearly becoming more popular. More than 7 million Americans have signed up for coverage since the law took effect. The law has also created hundreds of thousands of jobs. Even Disney World employees are feeling the positive effects of Obamacare. And even though all of their doomsday claims have been debunked, Republicans are burying their heads in the sand rather than admitting they were wrong.

The fact is, 7.1 million Americans no longer have to worry about going bankrupt if they get sick. As the law continues to cover more and more people, it is likely to get even more popular as time goes by. Polls will eventually show Obamacare with the same kind of support that Medicare and Medicaid currently enjoy. At some point, the GOP will have to abandon their anti-Obamacare stance to avoid peril at the ballot box.

The true apocalypse will occur in red states where Republicans reject Obamacare.

This is especially true in red states, where GOP governors have prevented their own residents from accessing health coverage. Studies show that thousands of Americans will die needlessly in red states because of GOP opposition to Obamacare. The GOP is literally willing to sacrifice the lives of their own constituents. As Americans in these states suffer, the GOP should expect a backlash unlike any they have ever experienced. If anything will spur people to vote against the GOP in these states, it’s the deaths of loved ones that could have been prevented. The impending death toll in red states is the true apocalypse that is going to occur. And it will be 100 percent caused by Republicans.