Right-Wing Militias Terrorize Nevada Citizens, Set Up Armed Checkpoints, Demand IDs (VIDEO)


Cliven Bundy standoff.

If you’re a citizen living in or around Bunkerville, Nevada right now, you’re probably rather concerned about the armed thugs that have taken over the area. That’s what Nevada Rep. Steven Horsford reports in a letter he sent to the Clark County Sheriff.

Right-wing militias are terrorizing the residents who live around the Bundy ranch in Nevada.

In the letter, Horsford says that his constituents in the Bunkerville area are living in fear. Out of their misplaced desire to protect racist rancher Cliven Bundy, right-wing militia groups have set up armed checkpoints on highways and roads. They are illegally stopping vehicles and demanding drivers show their IDs to prove they are residents before they are allowed to pass. Militia members are also intimidating people around schools and churches.

Here’s the video:


Horsford wrote:

We must respect individual constitutional liberties, but residents of and visitors to Clark County should not be expected to live under the persistent watch of an armed militia. Residents have expressed their desire to see these groups leave their community.

Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie, who is the only authority Bundy claims to recognize, is allegedly investigating the issue.

Residents can blame Cliven Bundy for domestic terrorism running rampant in their state.

The situation began earlier this month when federal agents with the Bureau of Land Management seized cattle owned by Bundy. They did this because Bundy owes one million dollars in past due grazing fees. These fees, which were made law by former President Ronald Reagan, apply because Bundy grazes his cattle on federally owned land, but Bundy has refused to pay what he owes for years because he doesn’t recognize the existence of the federal government. Unfortunately for him, the courts said otherwise and ordered him to comply. When it became clear that Bundy wasn’t going to do so, federal authorities began rounding up his cattle. Conservatives across the country whined and Fox News made every effort to turn Bundy into their next hero. In response, government-hating right-wing militia groups began showing up to intimidate federal agents. They took up positions around the Bundy ranch and aimed their weapons at federal authorities. Despite the militia members’ hopes that they would get to kill federal agents, the BLM backed down in an effort to keep innocent citizens safe.


A friendly domestic terrorist working one of several checkpoints around Bundy Ranch.

But they aren’t really safe at the moment. They are now being ruled at gunpoint by domestic terrorists who have basically created a police state within the state of Nevada. These terrorists control the roadways in and out of the Bunkerville area and residents must prove to this gun-toting mob that they actually live in the area. What happens to people who aren’t residents? What happens to people who refuse to comply with the orders of these legally un-recognized authorities? Do they get murdered and tossed to the side of the road? What happens to residents who openly resist? These armed thugs are patrolling the area as if they are a military occupation force.

One of the domestic terrorists actually had the nerve to compare Bundy to George Washington:

One thing I want everybody to know: The character of this man is unmatched. The things that I’ve heard him say, the private conversations I’ve had with him, this man is likened to George Washington in my eyes, and I say that as no small statement.

Here’s the video via Gawker.

Bundy is no George Washington.

It’s hilarious that Bundy is being compared to George Washington considering that Washington would probably march an army to the Bundy ranch and put down the rebellion the militia dreams about. During the Whiskey Rebellion of the 1790s, Pennsylvania farmers refused to pay taxes to the federal government, kind of like Bundy is refusing to pay fees today. Like the armed militias currently occupying the area around Bunkerville, the protesters in Pennsylvania used violence and intimidation against federal authorities. In the end, President George Washington personally rode at the head of an army and marched to Pennsylvania to put the rebellion down. Rather than fight the military power the federal government had mustered, the rebels fled and the rebellion came to a swift end. This event demonstrated that the federal government has the power and the constitutional authority to collect taxes and fees and enforce the laws of the United States.

These right-wing militias should leave Nevada immediately.

By occupying Bunkerville, Nevada in defense of a man who is clearly violating federal law and intimidating residents and federal officials at gunpoint, right-wing militias have crossed a line. Each and every one of them, including Bundy, should be arrested and imprisoned for treason and domestic terrorism. They don’t recognize the existence of the federal government, a government that was created and elected by the people. They actually want a war with federal authorities. Perhaps it’s time to give them one. I’ll bet the farm that the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, FBI, US Marshals, Secret Service, and special forces will wipe the floor with these domestic terrorists with their Apache Helicopters, fighter jets, aircraft carriers, Predator drones, tanks, and the nearly $1 trillion dollars worth of weapons, equipment, and ammunition that have been used for over a decade to take down terrorists around the globe. And it’s all paid for by the willing law abiding taxpayers who fund the government in the first place. In short, these domestic terrorists should stop pretending that they’re real soldiers and either lay down their little AR-15 rifles and surrender or get the hell out of Dodge.