Fanaticism 101: The Bundy Militias Are Starting To Turn On Each Other

Bundy militia

It was just a matter of time until the “patriots” started pointing there guns at each other.

Even as reports trickle in about the Bundy cosplay clown posse setting up illegal checkpoints and demanding drivers provide proof of residency, other reports are starting to come in that, like any group of armed fanatics, the various militias are starting to turn on each other with their big manly guns:

In this Waco-wacko Woodstock of woolly-bully mountain men, the irony and the insanity spiked last weekend when leaders of the most prominent militia group, the Oath Keepers, began complaining of armed madmen “in the camp running amok.” They eventually pulled back from their positions, claiming they had received intelligence suggesting that the Obama administration’s attack drones were incoming.

That “redeployment” pissed off other armed patriots who stayed behind in Nevada, who now call the Oath Keepers and their prominent leader, Stewart Rhodes, cowards and traitors who might actually be working for the U.S. government. “They committed a deliberate act of desertion,” Blaine Cooper—a de facto leader of the remaining militiamen—said in his own video

I feel bad for the residents, who are literally being terrorized by extremists but I simply love the infighting. “You don’t believe exactly what I believe so you must be some kind of government spy!”

Seriously, the damage these imbeciles are doing to the militia “cause” is incalculable. Sooner or later, if these ammosexual goons are not dispersed, they’re going to start shooting each other. To that I say, “Good!” Last time, it took one of these animals blowing up a building filled with kids to show just how dangerous the militia movement is. Better to have them kill each other then allow their violence to claim the lives of innocent bystanders.

Rachel Maddow did an excellent segment on this Thursday night. Watch it and be amazed that these “patriots” haven’t already allowed their paranoia to push them into blowing each other away:

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