This Is How The Right Wins Every Policy Debate – The ‘Liberal’ Media Lets Them Cheat

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Recently, Chris Hayes opened a segment about raising the minimum wage by explaining that the GOP does not want to discuss it at all because as far as they’re concerned, just having one in the first place is a concession on their part. Be thankful to your corporate overlords you filthy peons!

This embrace of the fringe as policy is how the right retards progress in this country: They take the most extreme position possible and these radical ideas are given the same consideration as the center-left. In other words, the craziest, most insane fringe beliefs of the right are draped in a cloak of respectability that would never be granted to the far left.

And who gives the right wing this unearned influence? The “liberal” media.

The “liberal” media made a choice a long time ago that pretty much every position taken by the left, no matter how centrist or, indeed, even conservative, is equally as extreme as whatever pure insanity the right comes up with. This is how we end up with the following:

  1. Allowing a woman to have an abortion before the third trimester and access to contraceptives is simply the other side of declaring a fertilized egg to be a person and banning all hormonal contraceptives.
  2. Allowing two people of the same sex to be married in any church willing to accept them is just as radical as claiming that marriage equality is an outrageous assault on religious freedom and will lead to man on dog marriage, incest and pedophilia.
  3. Obamacare is a wild liberal take over of the health system and no one ever discusses the fact that the program was literally created by conservatives and pushed by the GOP twenty years ago.
  4. Keeping guns out of the hands of known criminals, the mentally disturbed and terrorists is just as fringe as making sure anyone can have a gun anywhere at anytime including in preschools, churches and bars.

The disparity between what the “liberal” media considers “extreme” for both sides is impossible to deny when you line them up next to each other. The left has to spend so much effort just to maintain what little the right oh-so-graciously grants us that moving the country to even the middle requires herculean effort. With a complicit corporate media that more than happily rigs the debate by crying “It’s not our job to fact check, just to present both sides of the argument!”, it’s a wonder we make any progress at all.

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