FBI FINALLY Opens Investigation Into Bundy’s Terrorist Militia

Bundy militia

Hope your moment of play-acting that you were a “freedom fighter” is worth the jail time.

All it took was for a few random death threats, setting up illegal check points, pointing guns at federal employees and basically acting like a group of unhinged extremists:

Law enforcement officials in Nevada say that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating the April standoff between rancher Cliven Bundy, the Bureau of Land Management and the armed militia who gathered at Bundy’s ranch. KLAS-TV Channel 8 said Thursday that the FBI has opened a formal investigation into the “alleged death threats, intimidation and possible weapons violations that culminated with a dangerous showdown on April 12.”

Right now, Bundy’s cosplay clown posse is either salivating or freaking out (possibly both?). Sure, it’s been fun and giggles to point guns at workers from the Bureau of Land Management but the FBI is a whole different story. The BLM is law enforcement and they are armed but they’re not in the business of regularly dealing with armed criminals much less a group of domestic terrorists declaring that the next Civil War is here. Threatening the BLM with a “range war” is like threatening a 65 year old mall cop in the suburbs. It’s the act of a bully. The FBI, on the other hand, is used to dealing with organized crime. If Bundy’s playmates think they’re going to scare the FBI off, they’re even dumber than I could have imagined.

The FBI knows full well that some of these “freedom fighters” want very badly to “win” a firefight with the feds to “even the score” for Ruby Ridge and Waco. But it’s highly unlikely they’ll allow themselves to be bullied the same way. If Bundy’s playmates start pointing guns at FBI agents, they’re not going to pack up and go home like the BLM.

Of course, if the cosplay clown posse stays true to form, they’re going to use women and children as human shields again. Because nothing says “I’m a brave fighter for liberty” like making sure you have kids around to tout as martyrs after you start shooting at officers of the law.

I feel it necessary to reiterate that the only reason this has been going on this long is because these domestic terrorists are white and conservative. It is literally inconceivable that an armed group of angry black men would not have been put down in a hail of gunfire already and we already know, for a fact, what happens when liberal protesters break the law (and even when they don’t): pepper spray, beating and mass arrests.

If this turns bloody, we MUST remember what led up to it. The right wing media machine will be looking to blame the government, facts be damned. When Bundy’s terrorist militia starts shooting and winds up dead, don’t be surprised if the scandal hungry media suddenly “forgets” the weeks of threats, intimidation and lawlessness that forced the FBI to intervene.

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