Douchebag of the Day: Tucker ‘Poor People Are Fat’ Carlson


Now that the conservative media are running out of minority groups to attack, they’re finally just going all in on the class warfare they’ve been engaged in for decades:

[Tucker] Carlson also saw a silver lining in the news that unemployment leads to weight gain.

“All of us should be happy about one thing, and it’s that for the first time in human history you have a country whose poor people are fat. So this does show this sort of amazing abundance,” he opined.

“What?” Faulkner gasped.

“For the last however many millennia, poor people starved to death,” Carlson explained. “And this is a country that’s so rich, whose agriculture sector is so vibrant and at the cutting edge technologically, that our food is so cheap, poor people are fat! I mean, I don’t know. We shouldn’t take that for granted.”

Dog whistle translation: Poor people are fat lazy slobs living off of your tax dollars.

Of course, what Carlson is completely ignoring is that the cheapest food is the worst food to eat. When you’re living off of food stamps, you don’t get to go out and buy fruits and vegetables. A salad is simply too expensive to make on a budget of only a few dollars a day. Instead, you live off of pasta and bread and crappy fast food. Yeah, you get the calories you need to survive but those calories come at a high price: fat, salt and sugar.

Tucker Carlson knows this. He just doesn’t care. If he were to state the actual reason poor people are suffering from obesity, he would have to admit that cutting food stamps so families can afford even less healthy food is literally killing the poor. Can you imagine a conservative pundit making that case? Yeah, neither can I. They’re paid to demonize the poor as moochers and leeches. It’s really the only way left for the 1% to convince the middle class to look the other way while the rich steal all of their labor and give them nothing in return.

Tucker Carlson is a smug little shit, happily shilling for the 1% by pointing class resentment in the wrong direction. Congratulations Tucker Carlson! You’re a douchebag!