A.J. Delgado Of The National Review Accuses Women Of ‘Crying Rape’ (VIDEO)


A.J. Delgado of The National Review with Teabagger Ted Cruz.

Oh my f’ing gawd in the name of all that’s holy or unholy — A.J. Delgado of the National Review has just written an article entitled “Crying Rape,” a horrible, despicable article — an article more likely to be seen on a chest-thumping misogynist’s website than the National Review. But there it is, and yes, Delgado (an attorney, if you can believe it) actually does make the claim that violent rape and sexual assault are two different kettles of fish – in other words, one is “legitimate” rape and the other, well, just a little glitch along the path to love and romance. Delgado writes, “Is it not counterproductive to lump victims of violent rape in with victims of ‘sexual assault’?” 

There’s so very much wrong with this article it’s difficult to know where to begin, but let’s start here:  No, you flaming idiot, it’s not “counterproductive” for us to “lump” any sexual contact a man obtains from a female without her explicit consent into the same flipping category. So, what, a violent rape is the believable kind of rape because it results in knocked out teeth, a broken jaw, black eyes and choke marks, but a teeny weeny sexual assault means we have a pair of ripped panties and it stings a little when we pee? Even if a bunch of knuckle-dragging men don’t care whether we’re saying yes or no, we, as women, know when we’re consenting. And when we’re not. And if we don’t know, because we’re drunk or on drugs or coming out from under surgical sedation, well, all the more reason for a man to back the hell off. At the risk of being repetitive, Delgado, you mega-idiot:

Sexual assault is a general term that includes any forced or unwanted sexual activity, including rape, incest, sexual abuse, and molestation. Sexual assault includes any forced or unwanted touching of an intimate part of the body, such as breasts, buttocks, or genitals.

It’s bad enough that old white dudes like Todd Aiken make some backasswards distinction between real rape and “legitimate rape,” but when a youngish female engages in the same type of discourse it becomes clear that she’s begging desperately for a seat at the male table and is using whatever it takes — including scoffing at rape victims — to get it. There are differing views on whether rape in the U.S. is declining or not — in fact, it’s a little murky (figures range from 300,000 to 1.2 million annually), mainly because sexual assault is the most under-reported crime in the country. In response to Delgado’s mocking question about college rapes — “Did all the bad guys suddenly decide to enroll in universities?” — the answer to this blithering idiot’s question is that rape statistics increase for college students, and reports of sexual assaults on college campuses have risen 49% between 2008 and 2012, which likely means despite people like Delgado mocking and scoffing and scornfully yucking it up in the mens’ club about women “crying rape” more women are choosing to report, instead of simply avoid their rapists. And despite an uptick in reports, 97% of rapists never see the inside of a jail. Ain’t that a stitch, Delgado?

After all, all these whiny women — brainwashed by liberals — are just being totally over-the-top politically correct, insisting on being in control of their faculties and minds when they have sex. What’s a little drunken stupor when a guy just has to have it? She isn’t fighting, so she isn’t resisting, therefore she is granting consent by default? A limp body, according to Delgado, now implies consent?

You know, we can ignore Delgado’s clearly ignorant right-wing talking point that the left “creates” rape by encouraging the reporting and identifying of it; we can ignore the fact that Delgado sucks as a friend to “Amy,” who she belittles and demeans in her article; we can even ignore her claim that reporting the existence of sexual assault creates “gender wars” (and it’s not hard to identify, from this piece, which side of the “gender war” Delgado falls on — hint, it’s the side with the penises), but what we can’t ignore is the pervasive misogyny in this startlingly wrong-headed article published in what was at one time a well-respected conservative publication. What we can’t ignore is the lending of legitimacy to a mindset that has too often led to the woeful under-reporting of sexual assault in this country. What cannot go unremarked upon is that a young woman like Delgado has apparently carved herself out a national platform to mock victims of sexual assault, to call sexual assault victims liars, to uphold the rights of men to engage in sex with a drunken woman, to criticize and condemn college campuses for rising to the challenge of confronting sexual assault victims and their offenders.

There are many right-wingers out there who are evil incarnate, who will stop at nothing to vilify and condemn liberals’ attempts to provide justice and safety. But in a race to the bottom, there are those like Delgado who use their gender to demonize victims of sexual assault, beg for entry into the male misogynist’s club, and turn victims into calculating persecutors.