Mentally Deranged Sandy Hook “Truther” Provides Photos of Stolen Memorial Signs (IMAGES)

Every time one of these horrific mass shootings happen, these Alex Jones worshiping chuckleheads should be taken to the crime scenes and forced to clean up all of the carnage after the police investigators are finished with their business. Let him see for himself if it is a “false flag” or not. Let’s see if they can really make a “truth” out of it. 

A man called Lynn McDonnell, mother of Grace McDonnell, one of the innocent children murdered in Sandy Hook. The still-grieving mother was told by the caller that he was on to her — that her child had never existed and was that she was merely part of the elaborate cover-up that was the Sandy Hook school shooting. This came just last week when the same person stole a sign placed at a memorial playground honoring Grace McDonnell

Recently, The Daily Banter, through tips of their own, were sent emails by a “Mark Felt” detailing a slew of offensive, infuriating images of stolen Sandy Hook signs. Also with the emails were pictures of a Chase Kowalski placard that he claims came from the boy’s own memorial playground, which is located in New Jersey. 

These pictures are offensive, and they will anger you. 





Here is an excerpt of the email that was sent to The Daily Banter writer:

“The first two are images of the bolts that I removed when I stole the sign from the Chase Kowalski playground in Mantoloking, New Jersey. Like I said on the phone, I stole his sign first a few weeks before I stole the one in Mystic. I had to take pictures of the bolts connecting the sign to the posts so I could go to home depot and buy the proper tool (once i found out what tool I needed)…

You see images of the Chase Kowalski playground sign sitting in my house. I tried to take pictures of it that provide a sense of atmosphere, angle, texture, shadow, et al that help prove these images aren’t photoshopped. The Chase Kowalski sign is identical on both sides so I only provide images of the one side.

After I stole the Chase Kowalski sign I called the police and reported it anonymously. I also called Rebecca Kowalski and told her I stole it because the shooting was a hoax. To this day, and despite the publicity of the Mystic sign being stolen, Mrs. Kowalski has apparently never reported the sign stolen, and it has never been replaced.

And then you’ll see the images you most seek: the images of the peace sign I stole from the Mcdonell playground.

Then you see the images of both signs together. These images help prove (I hope) that none of these images are photoshopped. Consult a professional photographer and ask him to analyze whether these images are photoshopped. Hopefully he/she will conclude they have not been; to date I have never used photoshop, ever, and wouldn’t know how to if I wanted to.

The final picture is a picture of both signs propped together in the hallway I keep them in, while my dad sleeps on the couch at dawn. A beautiful shot if do say so, a triumphant image of the achievement of a man who has gone to great lengths to fight for what he believes is right.”

The idea that this sick idiot had the nerve to phone two traumatized moms and taunt them about their child’s death is the most disgusting thing that I have ever heard. I don’t believe in the death penalty, but I”d sure make an exception here. This is what you get when rabid conservative conspiracy theorists are allowed to spew their sick, unadulterated ignorance on the national airways. 

It’s interesting to consider that the people who deny that Sandy Hook happened will now deny that this guy is real. It’s a vicious circle with conspiracy “truthers.” 

Hopefully when this man is caught, he will face the wrath of the justice system.