‘Truther’ Who Stole Sandy Hook Memorial Items Has Finally Been Arrested

 Sandy Hook Truther Arrested

Andrew David Truelove claimed that the Sandy Hook Massacre was a hoax, and the children involved never existed. Now he is in jail for stealing their memorial signs. – image@NBC Connecticut

His anonymous telephone voice claimed that the Sandy Hook Massacre was a hoax. This cruel taunt, made to two families of its littlest victims, seven-year-olds Grace McDonnell and Chase Kowalski, came from Andrew David Truelove, 28, Virginia. He was arrested this morning in Herndon, Va. with help help of Stonington Police.

The calls came after Truelove stole the sign honoring Grace from the memorial park in Mystic, Conn. and the sign honoring Chase from this memorial park in Mantoloking, N.J.

Truelove turned himself in on an unrelated incident on May 26th for a probation violation. While in jail he has been charged for his recent actions, possession of stolen property, with more serious charges to follow. He is held at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center. Charges in Connecticut and New Jersey are pending said the Virginia police.

Truelove, while not revealing his identity, contacted thedailybanner.com last week,

…someone claiming to have stolen the signs contacted me and e-mailed pictures of the missing panels, boasting that he had taken them and then called the families of both McDonnell and Kowalski to taunt them by saying that their children had never actually existed. 

It turns out the photos that we received were loaded with metadata, including geotags, which led Stonington to contact Herndon, where many of the pictures were apparently taken. Police there tracked the geotags to the home seen in the photos we posted last week (a small unit rented by someone named Alan J. Truelove.)

 When the policed armed with a warrant opened the Truelove home’s front door, they immediately saw the signs inside. The home is rented to Truelove’s father, Andrew David Truelove. The elder Truelove has been arrested but not charged with any crime as of this time, because he denies any knowledge that the signs in his home were stolen.

According to thedailybanter.com, Truelove’s father,

while being arrested he apparently asked the police how they could be sure the Sandy Hook massacre had really happened. So, yes, it looks like he’s a Sandy Hook truther just like his son.

 Truelove has an extensive criminal record. He was arrested for trespassing on the Fairfax High School grounds in Virginia, March 2012. Prior to that he was arrested and charged with the attempted abduction of an eight-year-old girl near Granby High School in Norfolk, Va., October 2007.

Truelove claimed he was merely there to “seek out school bullies” and “threaten them” with his lug wrench. He said he only grabbed a young girl’s backpack as she walked past but denied any intention of abduction. According to his statement,

 As I approached the field, I noticed a girl (approx. 8), alone, walking away from the field. As I wanted a clear area away from the field to threaten bullies (if I found any), I took hold of the backpack strap (which she had on backwards) and indicated that she should return to the field.

She did so. At no point did I touch the girl except as above, nor did I drag or push her. As she approached the field, an older girl (who I now believe was her sister) approached her and escorted her back to the field. I said to the older girl “Do you know of any bullies around here?” She laughed, said no, and kept walking. This was the last I saw of either girl.

The child’s mother reports that the incident with Truelove left her daughter traumatized.

Truelove claims to have been under psychiatric care for two years. At his trial for attempted abduction, the psychiatrist who testified said Truelove exhibited symptoms of bipolar disorder, including depression and occasional hallucinations. His lawyer told the court,

 All of the anger and violence is in Andrew’s mind.

He was transported to the Adult Detention Center and charged with trespassing on school property. Truelove received a four-year prison sentence, but apparently left jail early.

The police plan to return the memorial signs to their proper location.