Republican Pastor Says Coming of Christ Causing Climate Change (VIDEO)

Certainly there are plenty of people who refuse to acknowledge that climate change exists. There are those who aren’t quite sure whether or not it is man made or just a heating-cooling trend. But then there are some who link climate change to this:

“The Bible says that whenever we approach the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, hat there would be strange weather patterns. Jesus said this in Matthew the twenty-fifth chapter. So we have a decision to make: do we believe what an environmentalist group says and choose to live in a world where we’re attempting to make everything as clean in the air as possible, or do we believe what the Bible says, that these things were going to happen and that rather than try to clean up all of the air and solve all of the problems of the world by eliminating factories, we should start to tell people about Jesus Christ who is to return?”

Here’s the video:


That is from Hagee Hotline, a show which conducts commentary on the state of our nation and current geopolitical events from a scriptural perspective. Hagee Hotline was created by conservative Republican Texas pastor, John Hagee.

Hagee has held that the views put forth by scientists and experts on climate change should not be believed because those views are at odds with what the Christian Bible teaches. Because of these beliefs, Hagee, along with his 20,000 active supporters, think that the extreme weather events that the climate has been experiencing are not the result of climate change but are rather signs of the End Times and the imminent return of Jesus Christ. 

This is a man who has endorsed John McCain, Alan Keyes (President Obama’s 2004 Senate challenger) and uber conservative John Shields of Texas. It should come as no surprise that the man would actively seek out to block the truths of climate change and brainwash over 20,000 people in the Lone Star State.

The man on the video goes into great detail how scientists have attributed the mass amounts of emissions from factories and so forth as being the cause of mudslides and hurricanes and tornadoes. To sum it all up, he simply says “that’s incorrect.”

Ah, yes. Just like that. It’s incorrect. Why, you may ask? Because the bible says so. That’s it. No charts, no figures, no proof, nada. Just that the bible says so and we must discourage any scientific fact. That is what you get out of the state of Texas.

Now we can probably get an idea of Marco Rubio’s beliefs on climate change come from.