GOP Rep’s Son Charged With Shooting At Beer Truck After Second DUI Arrest

matthew sparks

Demonstrating once again that many people aren’t responsible enough to own weapons, the son of one of Tennessee’s state representatives, Mike Sparks (R-49), recently opted to fire a shotgun at a beer truck with two people inside. He was actually arrested for DUI before being made a suspect in the shooting and charged.

Matthew Payton Sparks, aged 22, had things go bad for him to worse when he woke up in Rutherford County Adult Detention Center on Monday. That’s because he was facing three new charges — one count of vandalism and two for aggravated assault. Those charges came as a result of firing a round from a shotgun at the trailer of the beer truck (vandalism), which had two Ajax Turner employees inside the cab (assault). He’d already been lodged since Friday, when he was charged with his second DUI and violating the implied consent law, which says you are implying consent to a sobriety test when driving on public roads. The incident with the shotgun happened on Friday morning, the night before his DUI arrest.

He was arrested at a bowling alley when police spoke to him in relation to a different crime, because he was obviously driving under the influence and failed a field sobriety test. From The Tennessean:

As Harless and Officer Russell Edwards were conducting their investigation, a vehicle matching the description of the subjects’ vehicle entered the parking lot and a white male, later identified as Sparks, exited and approached the bowling alley, according to Harless.

Harless said he and Edwards followed Sparks inside the business and spoke with him.

“While speaking with Mr. Sparks, I noticed he was unsteady on his feet, his eyes were bloodshot, and he had a strong odor of alcohol coming from his person,” Harless said.

When they searched his car, they also found a shotgun and box of shells on the back seat.

This is a clear example of someone far too stupid and irresponsible to have guns for whatever purpose.

Rep. Mike Sparks is facing a Republican primary in August before the general election in November, which will be against Democratic rival Mike Williams.