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  1. Moongrim
    June 22, 2014

    The comments here amply demonstrate that many Rednex STILL have a major butthurt over being required to Treat Others The Way They’d Want To Be Treated-

    The Robertsons demonstrate how rich folks really get rich, not by hard work or honesty- but by soaking it to the vast majority of working folks.

    The first to pat themselves on the back.

  2. max
    June 22, 2014

    When exactly did the Robinsons get any of my tax dollars, or your tax dollars for that matter?

    They’re not. They’re producing something stupid people like, profiting from it, and benefiting from a law that allows them to *gasp* keep their earnings.

    We live in a world where not paying your government simply for breathing is considered treason and theft.

    • Moongrim
      June 22, 2014

      What you wilfully overlook: That the ROBERTSON family is doing is dodging taxes that pay for all of the services that they’ve enjoyed their entire lives.
      Mayhap Republicans would like to tax the air everyone breathes, so that they could give yet another tax break to more scofflaws.

      • max
        June 22, 2014

        So because they are producing a TV show and not giving the government “their cut” on the TV show, they are now dodging taxes? Why do they owe the government anything on their TV show earnings? Should they pay an income tax like the rest of us? Yes, but the fact that people are accusing them of scamming the government for not having to pay additional taxes on the production of a television show is ridiculous.

        Perhaps we should pay a tax for every Youtube video uploaded, and every comment posted on a website. The government does deserve their cut after all.

    • hdrinehart
      June 22, 2014

      Max, what part of ‘people who are already rich don’t need to screw poor people over’ don’t you get?

      Yes, they’re being allowed to keep part of the money that would otherwise have gone to taxes. How much of that estimated 4.5 million could have gone to school lunches for hungry kids? Or pencils, pens and paper so the teachers didn’t have to subsidize their students out of their meager salaries? How many more teachers could they have hired in Louisiana for that money, reducing the need to farm children out to privatized for-profit schools?

      It wouldn’t have mattered so much if the chief idiot in the Clampett-reject bunch hadn’t stated such obnoxious things about poor people. I’m sure he loves the taste of shoe leather and fungus, but to complain about people getting food stamps when the state is subsidizing you to the tune of 70K a show is wrong, no matter how you cut it.

      It’s fine, I guess, that they’re producing a totally-bogus show about their ‘family’ and passing it off to stupid people as a ‘reality’ show. That’s between them and the WWA-style fans who never miss an episode of their show. But the commercial rights alone probably bring in double what that subsidy does, and only sheer greed figures in them accepting it.

      Especially when the state of Louisiana is claiming so much trouble in balancing their budget. Now, personally, I believe their claims of not knowing where the money to pay for social services is, just about as much as I believe ‘Duck Dynasty’ is a reality show, but maybe if they weren’t paying out state funds to Big Oil hand over fist they might be able to find some more to keep their citizens healthy, and educated.

      And, Max, nothing personal, but NOTHING is considered treason and theft anymore, especially rank, overt treason and theft. Or insurrection, or sedition, or being a scofflaw to both your state constitution and the federal Constitution simultaneously. So as amusing as that last bit was, try again, there’s got to be something you can say that will attempt to make greedy rich scumbag white men appear to be saintly, put-upon martyrs.

      Or, at least, it should be entertaining to watch you try.

      Henry D. Rinehart

      • max
        June 23, 2014

        Why is it the responsibility of the Duck Dynasty crew to pay for all of this? It is wrong to call this a subsidy because a subsidy is when money is taken directly out of the pot and redistributed to private companies to help “keep costs low” like the tax dollars directly given to oil corporations, ethanol and corn production, and incentives to buy hybrid vehicles. No money was taken out of the pot to give to the duck dynasty guys.

        Your argument is that the duck dynasty guys are making money off of a television show, and stealing from the taxpayers by not paying additional income taxes on the production of the show. I am currently receiving tax breaks on my own personal income tax because I am a college student receiving no direct federal financial aid and paying for my own education out of my own pocket. Guess that makes me a thief too, because I could have probably payed for about 50 school lunches with that money. I also work a part time minimum wage job to pay for this, and since my tips are taxed, my net earnings total about half my gross earnings. Perhaps if I forked over an additional 25% of what I earn, I could pay for even more.

        However, you are on the same page as I when we are talking giving tax dollars to oil companies. That is a direct deduction from the pot for a company making billions in profit, and that is something tax payers are actually subsidizing. We are living in a country where we collect over 2.5 trillion dollars a year (try counting that high, it will take you tens of thousands of years to do so) so if we can cut out hundreds of billions of dollars of waste, some of the military budget, and give our representatives a much needed pay cut, then we would have no problem feeding the children. Besides, I wouldn’t want to live in Louisiana and have my children attend a public school that I know is payed for by men who are actively trying to erase evolution from the school curriculum and force them to pray before class every morning.

      • hdrinehart
        July 4, 2014

        Max–are you rich? Is your tax deduction a year even close to the million plus the DD asswipes are getting as a deduction? And don’t quibble with my math, the million plus thing just sounded good, I didn’t do any actual math to get it. . .

        The differences as I see it–

        You’re not a rich, lying asshole, who could easily afford to pay the entire tax burden instead of taking advantage of ‘tax breaks’–better than ‘subsidies’, yes?–that you don’t need.

        You’re in school, struggling to get the tools to craft yourself a better life, not scamming ignorant people to get huge commercial contracts to make yourself even richer.

        You actually believe that some subsidies are wrong, harmful, and stupid. The fact that you’re taking a tax break while you’re in college, to help defray some of your costs, does not make you a thief at all, just someone who’s not rich enough to pay it all out of pocket change and never miss it. Unless you are rich enough to pay it all out of pocket change and never miss it, which then would put you in the same category as the couple who own a bank, put it and all the income from it in their juvenile daughter’s name, and are collecting welfare and food stamps because they have no income.

        Max, I’m old and cynical. Hence my viewpoints on people like ole Phil, and Jindal, and the idiocies they’re part of and responsible for. Jindal is giving tax breaks to organizations that don’t need them, and selling off the public school system to con men and thieves in his state. Phil makes more on the commercials every episode of his program than his entire tax debt every year. And all that’s beside the profit he’s making on the duck calls!

        And, by the way, a tax break for Phil means that money’s got to be made up somewhere. The big businesses in Louisiana aren’t going to volunteer to make up for it, so it’s going to have to come out of the pockets of people like you and me, because somebody has to pay those politicians’ salaries, and healthcare, and pensions. So if the richest in the state aren’t contributing, and it falls on us to do so, then the DD people might not be ‘taking’ any of our money out of our pockets, but we’re most assuredly making up for the money they don’t pay. Which is, when you look at it that way, mostly the same thing. . .

        Max, I like you, surprising as that may sound after some of the things I’ve written. Once you get in the habit of understanding that everything they’ve ever told you is lies, that you’re not free, none of us are, and that the whole ‘government’ thing is now a smoke-and-mirrors show to keep us from picking up pitchforks and torches and bringing rough justice to those who deserve it, you’ll be fine.

        Until then, keep on keepin’ on, it’s good to talk with you.

        Henry D. Rinehart.

        P.S. Read Becky_H’ posts–they’re pretty good, too.

  3. Becky_H
    June 22, 2014

    If you ever want to know what the Right is up to, just listen to what they’re accusing others of. If a conservative accuses welfare recipients of stealing from the State, you can bet they’re receiving some form of corporate welfare or tax cut themselves. If a conservative accuses someone of bigotry, you can guarantee that the person they’re pointing at isn’t the one that’s the bigot. It’s a sad and pathetic attempt to deflect attention from their activities.

    Those faux rednecks are no different from the rest of the far right in this way. Also, I wouldn’t put it past them to purposely say offensive things for both TV ratings and free publicity. They probably have a publicist and PR specialist coaching them, to maintain the right mix of ‘shock value’ for their ‘brand.’

  4. Becky_H
    June 22, 2014

    If you ever want to know what the Right is up to, just listen to what they’re accusing others of. If a conservative accuses welfare recipients of stealing from the State, you can bet they’re receiving some form of corporate welfare or tax cut themselves. It’s a pathetic attempt to deflect attention from their activities. (And how would they motivate their goons to the polls without scapegoats? Through honest debate? Not likely.)

    Those faux rednecks are no different from the rest of the far right. Also, I wouldn’t put it past them to purposely say offensive things for both TV ratings and free publicity. They probably have a publicist and PR specialist coaching them, to maintain the right mix of ‘shock value’ for their ‘brand.’

    And on a slightly off-topic note, their beards are a bit gross. ;)

    • hdrinehart
      June 22, 2014

      Becky_H, my beard looks like that!(sniffle)

      Couture aside, however, or whatever you want to call it, these faux rednecks are the far right! They are rich, greedy, scumbag white men whose philosophy, if they understand the term and have thought that far, would be best described as “I’ve got mine, FTW!!!”

      As far as deflection goes, I believe they’re simpler than that. They’re good ‘Christian’ boys, and they know that the bible, and especially Republican Jesus(tm)hate gays and moochers, and it says that right there in the Bible, somewheres. So they offensive things they say probably aren’t scripted, since it’s doubtful they can read anyway, but simple fall out of their mouths when their brains attempt, and fail, to engage.

      But don’t hate them, Becky_H, their brains are genuinely broken. Recent scientific studies have discovered a pair of links in the DNA helix that are present in progressives, but absent in conservatives. So if those links are truly the ones that code for empathy and compassion, then not only can conservatives not feel empathy or compassion, but they can’t understand either one of them.

      That, you have to admit, explains a lot.

      So maybe we should have all of our politicians and prospective politicians screened for the presence, or absence, of those two links. Maybe we should try, oh, for ten years or so, only allowing people with both links intact to be elected to any political office at any level. Or, maybe, we should go ahead and elect them, but only count the votes of people who can feel and understand empathy and compassion.

      And just let the rednecks go on having their fun, while people who are closer to whole run our government for a while.

      Henry D. Rinehart

  5. vasha5
    June 21, 2014

    Nothing new or even strange. Worse the reporting was so bigoted. Racist? Oh yes it is assumed that poor whites were treated very well in the 1950′-1960’s Not!

    • Moongrim
      June 22, 2014

      Oh really?
      Where are the photos of white people being denied service in restaurants or getting hung for being the in the wrong place at the wrong time?

      Oh yeah- that’s because there weren’t any!


    • hdrinehart
      June 22, 2014

      vasha5, who is paying you to put these comments in? You sound like the paid trolls who were working the Liberal sites just before the last election.

      If that is the case, enjoy that collar you’re wearing, and a big FU to your masters as well.

      Henry D. Rinehart

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