Seattle Pride Protestors Shut Down By Drag Queen In Epic Fashion (VIDEO)

Mama Tits challenges a protestor trying to disrupt Seattle's Pride Parade - From Mama Tits Facebook page

Mama Tits challenges a protestor trying to disrupt Seattle’s Pride Parade – From Mama Tits Facebook page

Seattle’s Pride Parade has drawn its share of protests over the years. This year, the protestors made a particular point to release news pieces claiming that they were peaceful and there were no incidents. The problem is, in this day and age, such blatant falsehoods fall apart quickly as they did in this case, when this counter protest speech of noted local celebrity Mama Tits went viral.

Instead of a peaceful and uneventful protest, as claimed, the video was witness to the vile and hurtful rhetoric given by those false-Christians. Peaceful does not mean “without violence” is a lesson which these protestors seemed to have missed. It means “quiet and calm : without noise, excitement, etc.” The hateful words these protestors brought was not quiet, calm or without noise and were designed to create excitement – indeed not a peaceful protest at all.

Instead of meeting hate with hate, Mama Tits gave her own moving retort, utilizing the Bible as a sword to cut down their protests. Rather than fighting, she exorcised their hate and disrupted their sermon of Satan, driving them away from the parade route.

With the protestors removed, the parade once again turned to its Grand Marshall, noted actor George Takei, and proceeded without incidence. Those who were in attendance, however, were left with a remarkable memory of small-minded bigots hiding behind a book they do not even read running away with their tail between their legs.

The hero of the hour however remains Mama Tits. For those unfamiliar with the LGBT community in Seattle, her Lifelong profile says this:

Seattle’s Skyscraper Hostess, the One and Only Mama, is the creation of Brian Daniel Peters.

You may recognize her as the former Host of LeFaux at Julia’s on Broadway or as one of the hosts of the Seattle Pride Parade alongside Sylvia O’Stayformore at the 4th and Bell stage. Mama is also the Producer and Star of “Mimosas with Mama”, Seattle’s #1 and Longest running weekly Drag Brunch…

Seattle is full of pride for its native daughter today. Well done Mama Tits.