Right Wing Militia Groups Aim To Secure Border, Claim ‘It’s An Invasion’ (VIDEO)

Screenshot of Chris Davis taken from embedded vid

Screenshot of Chris Davis taken from embedded video

Militia groups have already sent 500 men to the Arizona/Mexico border, have “boots on the ground” in Laredo, Texas, and plan on sending more.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are being invaded through our southern border. Call it what it is. It’s an invasion. And along with those who are generally seeking a better life, even though they’re doing it illegally, which makes them bad, you have cartels, you have al-Qaeda, and all kinds of s*** coming through this border.

That’s just part of the paranoid and delusional rant put on YouTube by Chris Davis, one of the men behind an effort to use militias to “secure our border.” Oft-repeated across right-wing publications and blogs across the internet is the word “invasion,” because apparently central American children are rolling across our border in tanks. Either that or, and this is probably more likely, they’re using the word “invasion” as an excuse to go play soldier. As the right wing militia site Freedom Outpost says,

However, citizen militias are the Constitutional means for dealing with this issue, and this is, in part, why we have the Second Amendment, to preserve a free state. Specifically, Article I, Section 8, Clause 15 of the US Constitution states that the citizen militias are “to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections, and repel Invasions.”

While their definition of “citizens militia” and what constitutes legal military force is twisted beyond recognition through selective attention paid to hundreds of years of American legal history, the fact remains that, to them, there is Army to be played and body parts to be overcompensated for and by God and liberty, they’re going to do it! If they don’t stop all those children coming over the border — and yes, this crisis is caused by too many children for Border Patrol to handle flooding in over the border unaccompanied — who else is going to? Soon, our country will be toppled, relegated to the dustbin of history by immigrant kids.

How are we going to stop these children? Well, Chris Davis has the answer:

How? You see an illegal, you point your gun right dead at them, right between the eyes, and say ‘Get back across the border, or you will be shot.’ Simple as that. If you get any flak from sheriffs, city, or feds, Border Patrol, tell them look — this is our birthright. We have a right to secure our own land. This is our land. This is our birthright.

Never mind the fact that by blood and by history those kids have more right to the land than any white person on this continent. He goes on to say that if the government tries to stop you — from shooting kids born across an arbitrary line, we’re talking about — then we’ll go right ahead and start “the next 1776.” Given the general lack of history comprehension on the part of Mr. Davis, it seems unlikely that he’s aware that our 1776 enemies, the British, did, in fact, shoot back. If you’re confused about how you can talk about being a patriot while also talking about tearing down the fabric of our country through revolution, don’t worry — it’s easy. Here’s how it works: do you like what the federal government is doing? No? Great, it’s unconstitutional, laws don’t matter, and all true patriots will resist! It’s like voting, but with guns as a main course and side helpings of crazy. Here’s the rest of Davis’ crazed video rant:

According to the Browsville Herald, another spokesperson for the militias said Chris Davis is warning against using any kind of violent means. The video above seems to run counter to that. And local authorities don’t want militia help:

Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra said the self-appointed militia is not needed in the Rio Grande Valley.

“We don’t need their services on our border. If we ever did I’m sure we have enough good people in Hidalgo County that I can call up,” Guerra said. (Source)

We need to take action against these domestic terrorists. Let’s be honest: this video started going bad when he said, “If you haven’t been on InfoWars yet today, you need to.” Here’s an example from the comments of just what they think this ties into:

Screenshot 2014-07-05 at 12.57.35 PMThere’s also the point that additional troops of any sort won’t really help. After all, these kids aren’t trying to evade law enforcement. They’re literally walking up and turning themselves in, because thanks to the Homeland Security Act of 2002, which was signed by Bush, unaccompanied minors that aren’t from Mexico are given to the Office of Refugee Resettlement. These kids aren’t of Mexican origin — turning them back at the border isn’t the right thing to do, even if you’re of the opinion they shouldn’t stay in the country.