How The Humanitarian Crisis At The Border Is Turning Into A Disaster For The GOP

Right now, the conservative media is drooling over the humanitarian crisis at the southern border. It’s not immigration! It’s invasion! It’s all Obama’s fault all these kids are bringing their filthy disease to our country! Etc. Etc. It’s the perfect story to rile up the base ahead of the midterms and the demagoging is about to ramp up to a fever pitch now that President Obama has asked for $4 billion from Congress to deal with it:

WASHINGTON — President Obama is requesting almost $4 billion in emergency funding from Congress to confront an immigration crisis from a wave of unaccompanied children surging across the southern border of the United States, White House officials said Tuesday.

The financial request, which is almost twice the amount officials had previously signaled might be necessary, would boost spending on border patrol agents, immigration judges, aerial surveillance, and new detention facilities. Nearly half of the money would be used to improve care for the children while they are moved through the deportation process.

The GOP already wants to use this issue to hammer Obama. The chances of them giving him the money to fix it is pretty much zero. They’ll find all kinds of excuses and make all kinds of demands but it won’t matter what the president offers, they’ll still say “Hell no you can’t!” And then they’ll try to blame him for it.

The problem with this short sighted strategy is that the right wing media will have exactly zero control over their base. Already, the visual of a mob of angry white people in Texas California screaming “USA! USA! USA!” at a busload of Latino children and the people supporting them is deeply imprinted on the mind of Latino voters. Hell, one of these rabid bigots “patriots” actually spit in the face of a popular Mexican musician with 798,000 followers on Twitter:

Yeah, THAT’S going to work wonders on the Latino vote. And essentially calling a bunch of kids disease ridden vermin? Why ever would Latinos think that right wingers are racist pigs?

As long as Obama makes every effort to deal fairly with these children, preferably by reuniting them with their families here or, at the very least, not sending them back into harm’s way in the countries they are fleeing, he’s going to come out looking like the reasonable one. Meanwhile, the GOP, wallowing in the intense racism of its base, will continue to look like what it is: The party of angry white bigots.

Keep appealing to the hate of your base GOP, you’re doing great!

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Correction: I originally listed the state with the screaming bigots as Texas instead of California. Probably because when I think “angry anti-immigrant racists”, I think “Texas” before anything else. Sorry for the confusion.