Monsanto Herbicide And Lax Regulations Tied To Kidney Disease


In the libertarian fantasy land, regulations are unnecessary and evil. They stop good companies from helping us all do better through their greed and avarice.

In the real-world unregulated agricultural world of Sri Lanka, the lack of regulations are killing people from kidney disease.

In the 1990’s, a sudden rise in a previously unknown form of kidney disease swept through the agricultural workers within Sri Lanka. Unlike the more common causes of diabetes and cancer, this wave had no immediate cause apparent. After years of dead ends, a joint study by Rajarata University and the California State University found the link they were looking for – a common herbicide introduced to widespread use during the late 1970’s, glyphosate, sold under the brand name “RoundUp” here in the United States.

Why it was affecting the agricultural workers in Sri Lanka but not in the United States was not immediately apparent, but careful research pointed out that the cause was tied to glyphosate’s heavy metal binding attributes. Sri Lanka lacks many of the regulations we have in the United States put in place to prevent contamination of the water supply or for the protection of workers. It also is a nation rich in heavy metals within the soil. These two factors have created a perfect storm within which glyphosate can be introduced in to a farm worker, causing kidney disease and eventual death.

To validate, it takes only checking with other areas which have a similar increase in mysterious kidney disease cases, and cross referencing that with the lack of regulations. And, we find a match, with an almost identical situation in Central America and India, areas with lax regulatory strength for dealing with such chemicals.

And this is precisely what the libertarians want to have happen here. Overturning the safety regulations and “let the market sort it out.”