Four Year Old Palestinian Has Brains Blown Out By Israeli Military (Graphic)

This is not for the faint of heart and you should not look at the images below unless you are willing to see something that really captures the true horror and war crimes of the Israeli government’s war on the Palestinian people in the past three days.

As Mondoweiss points out from Brian Williams Nightly News Report on Israel’s war on Gaza – this is a “lopsided conflict”.  How lopsided?

Over 100 Palestinians have died in the past three days mostly civilians.  22 children, 15 women and 12 elderly people all died at the hands of Israeli military attacks (source).   Zero Israelis have died although one Israeli had a heart attack.

Paid for by the American taxpayer with over $3.2 billion a year in guaranteed, no strings attached free cash plus billions more a year in free military hardware to assist Israel’s military occupation and economic blockade over the Palestinians.

“While what we are watching in the Middle East is not an all out war, at least not yet, it is so far a rather lopsided conflict. While hundred of rockets fired by Hamas continue to rain down on Israel, causing a huge number of Israelis to take cover every single day, their air forces and defenses are far superior, from their warning sirens to their jets and bombs and helicopters and drones. And the rocket shield they call Iron Dome, paid for in part by close to $1 billion US dollars. The Palestinians are more or less trapped in Gaza, with no sirens to warn civilians of an incoming strike– as the Israelis continue to hit back when stuck. The Palestinian death toll in Gaza stands at 90, mostly civilians.”

His name is Saher Abu Namous and he’s a 4 year old Palestinian boy born in Gaza, Palestine.  You can see his dead body HERE.

This is his father mourning his death even though the constant refrain by the Israelis is that Palestinians wish to send their children to die in order to kill Jews.  That’s the kind of bullshit propaganda that Israel constantly passes on and as the saying goes … there is a sucker born every minute.  May this young child rest in peace.

The image in question used to be on this page but due to a warning from Google – we are forced to comply.  You may see the image HERE.

And here is some video; the father is crying “Wake up – I brought you a toy.”

This is just one example out of thousands in human rights violations against Palestinian civilians by the Israeli government.  Palestinians are under an Israeli embargo unable to get basic items; they live in the world’s largest open air prison. They can’t build bomb shelters and Israel’s constant shutdown of their economy makes it impossible for Palestinians to build warning systems to protect civilians from Israeli government attacks.

Even in the last 3 days – the UN high commissioner for human rights Navi Pillay has already hinted that Israel will be held accountable for their human rights violations HERE:

“We have received deeply disturbing reports that many of the civilian casualties, including of children, occurred as a result of strikes on homes,” Pillay said. “Such reports raise serious doubt about whether the Israeli strikes have been in accordance with international humanitarian law and international human rights law.”

The Israeli government talks about fighting “suspected militants” and “terrorists”.  Anyone can be by definition a “suspected militant” as Palestinians are clearly very hostile to an Israeli government whose policies are to impose collective punishment (a war crime) against them.  Israel has many times been busted calling dead Palestinians “terrorists” accusing them of violence only for those accusations to be proven incorrect in the days thereafter.  If the Israeli government is making accusations – they have a responsibility to provide evidence because at this point – they have zero credibility in the international community.  And the only reason they are not being held accountable in the United Nations is because every time a resolution tries to pass through the Security Council – the United States vetoes it (using their permanent veto power).

And as the ever so passionate George Galloway points out:

George Galloway

Some more horrible pictures from Israel’s war on Palestine HERE or you can support the Palestinians by liking I Acknowledge Apartheid Exists HERE.