Tea Party Filmmaker Claims Native American Genocide ‘Never Happened’ (VIDEO)


The right-wing in our country will buy any lie needed to help them sleep at night. This time, in a discussion on Fox News, Dinesh D’Souza denied that the United States committed genocide against the native people.

AYERS: But on this question of the spirit of ’68, we went back and we interpreted history and you act as if the reinterpretation of history was some kind of fiction. We did commit genocide against the Native Americans.

D’SOUZA: Actually, we didn’t.

Watch this revisionist thinking for yourself here:

As mentioned in the video, there is a certain mentality of people who will do any mental olympics in order to try and justify their position. This goes up to and including creating whole fictitious narratives, such as D’Souza’s so-called documentary. Of course when he was found breaking the law after its release, he turned to blaming others. Is it just thinly disguised racism? Or just making it up as they go?

The reality is, a coordinated effort to exterminate the native people of the Americas had occurred, meeting the internationally agreed to definition of genocide. The records of the blankets carrying smallpox dates back to colonial times. The Trail of Tears, Wounded Knee, Dade, Council House, the Storming of Pueblo de Taos, Round Valley, and many, many more such incidents, fill our nations history. The attempts by many groups, to even the federal government to systematically eradicate native culture have proven all but successful. Today, natives are used as sports team mascots and are punished for even expressing their culture.

Mr. D’Souza, and Megyn Kelly, should be ashamed of themselves. the death of millions of natives from disease, famine and war is nothing to dismiss just because it makes them uncomfortable. They are no different from those who deny the holocaust.

Of course, we should not be surprised that they would try to reinvent history. They do it all of the time. And it is insane when you consider that they were doing this in front of admitted terrorist, Bill Ayers. Yes folk, the terrorist is the one who actually was right here.

We should cry shame on Fox News, but the network has no shame to begin with. By Mr. D’Souza’s denial, he ultimately proved Bill Ayers point.