Israel-Palestine War Brought To You By Military-Security-Industrial Complex And Israel Lobby

We cheer for Team Palestine, or we cheer for Team Israel. But that is a false perception. In reality this cruel game is about Team People vs. Team War Profiteers. The people of Palestine and Israel suffer greatly from war and must have peace. If we would only listen, they tell us.

But the Israel-Palestine war is an unholy alliance between the “Military-Security-Industrial Complex and the Israel Lobby.” Oh sure the perpetual “they” blame the missiles, bloodbaths and horror on a failure to come to a reasonable agreement between Israel and Palestine – or at least an uneasy ceasefire. But that concept is utterly false.

In fact this war is a roaring succss. Those who benefit from war – the war profiteers – send their lobbyists to Washington to bend the laws to their greatest benefit. War is,

Quite logical from the viewpoint of economic and geopolitical beneficiaries of war and international hostilities, that is, from the viewpoint of (a) the military-industrial complex, and (b) the militant Zionist proponents of “greater Israel.”

Even the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blatantly admits that the military occupation over Palestinians will last forever.

Former vice-president Dick Cheney to this day is a strong proponent of war, because he personally profits big-time with Halliburton. And once again he is making his war-is-good publicity tour. Keep in mind the corporate-owned media appear to relish his appearances,

Somehow, a strong America, well equipped with a strong military, is a danger to international peace and stability. And just exactly the opposite’s true. I think if history teaches any lesson, it’s that the world’s a safer, more stable place when the United States is strong and is prepared to use that strength when necessary.

When General Colin Powell was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under the second Bush administration, he testified before the Senate Committee that “despite the collapse of the Soviet Union the United States needed to continue its military buildup because of numerous other obligations”:

With all these challenges and opportunities confronting our nation, it is impossible for me to believe that demobilizing or hollowing out the American military is a feasible course of action for the future. The true ‘peace dividend’ is peace itself. . . . Peace comes about through the maintenance of strength.

When Reagan famously said, “Tear Down That War” 25 years ago, the ever-expanding military apparatus left over from the Cold War didn’t size itself down. No the war profiteers weasel-worded us into fearing the “menace” of “rogue states” of radical Islam and of “global terrorism.” Tah-dah! Something more for us to fear. But that begs the question: Who are the real terrorists?

General Carol Vuno, Chief of Staff for the Army in 1989 clearly benefitted from a “healthy” military, testified before a House Committee,

 Much more complex [than any peril posed by the Soviet Union] is the threat situation developing in the rest of the world. . . . In this increasingly multipolar world, we face the potential of multiple threats from countries and factors which are becoming more sophisticated militarily and more aggressive politically.

All the while, “hawkish thinktanks,” the Pentagon and the war profiteers “schemed behind the scenes.” They included those officially connected to the Pentagon or the George W. Bush administration including the omnipresent,

Dick Cheney, his Undersecretary of Defense Paul D. Wolfowitz, Zalmay Khalilzad, then a Wolfowitz aide, and I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, then principal Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Strategy…Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Michael Ladeen, Elliott Abrams, Donald Rumsfeld, William Kristol, John Bolton, and others…They also closely collaborated with a number of jingoistic lobbying think-tanks such as the American Enterprise Institute, Project for the New American Century and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs that were set up to serve either as the armaments lobby or the Israel lobby or both.

Paul Wolfowitz, Undersecretary of Defense said,

What we were afraid of was people who would say, “Let’s bring all of the troops home, and let’s abandon our position in Europe.”

The records of these “institutional structures,”

Show that they are created to essentially serve as institutional fronts to camouflage the incestuous business and/or political relationship between the Pentagon, its major contractors, the top military brass, the Israel lobby, and other similarly hawkish bodies in and around the government.

The military-industrial complex advocates,

A small war here, a small war there, a “low-intensity” war in country x, and a “mid-intensity” war in country y—cynically scripted as “controlled wars”—are strategies that would keep military appropriations flowing into the coffers of the military-industrial complex without causing a major or worldwide conflict that could cripple world markets altogether.

The militant Zionist groups are proponents of “greater Israel” abhor peace between Israel and Palestine, because they fear it would mean pre-1967 borders. So they sabotage peace efforts.

Instead they crave a “revolutionary atmosphere” and continual expansion of Israel. Hawkish Ariel Sharon said in 1988 that,

If the Palestinian uprising continued, Israel would have to make war on her Arab neighbors. The war, he stated, would provide ‘the circumstances’ for the removal of the entire Palestinian population from the West Bank and Gaza and even from inside Israel proper.

U.S. war profiteers oblige the philosophy of war,

Not so much for the sake of Israel or the Jewish people as for their own nefarious purposes—hence, the de facto alliance between the military-industrial complex and the Israel lobby.

The marriage of these two interests result in,

The convergence and/or interdependence of the interests of the military-industrial complex and those of militant Zionism on war and political convulsion in the Middle East is at the heart of the perpetual cycle of violence in the region.

The Jewish Institute for the National Security Affairs (JINSA) advisor, Michael Ladeen advocated,

The coming era of “total war” In its fervent support for the hardline, pro-settlement, anti-Palestinian Likud-style policies in Israel.

The people of Palestine and of Israel do not want war. But brilliantly crafted policies demand it,

Premeditated and carefully-crafted policies that have been pursued by an unholy alliance of the military-security-industrial complex and the Israel lobby.

Let’s remember to stay on the right team, Team People. Only then can this war truly be won.