Albuquerque Teens Emulate Police, Ruthlessly Kill Two Homeless Men (VIDEOS)

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Albuquerque, N.M. — Irony is thick in Albuquerque right now. Police are feigning shock at the murder of two homeless men sleeping in an abandoned lot at the hands of three local teenagers.

Despite recent protests regarding the Albuquerque Police Department’s murder of at least one homeless man in a video that went viral only months ago, the APD claims to be shocked by such brutality. You can see that shocking video here:

And the resulting protests at the Albuquerque police station here:

Albuquerque Officer Simon Drobik said:

“It’s so graphic. It’s so disturbing by such young people, it’s unbelievable.”

Perhaps they are just following the example set for them by a broken and unjust system, Officer Drobik.

According to police, which in literature would be consider what’s known as an “unreliable narrator” at this point, 18-year-old Alex Rios, 16-year-old Nathaniel Carrillo and 15-year-old Gilbert Tafoya found and killed two homeless men in an empty lot in northwest Albuquerque, near the intersection of Central Ave. and 60th St. Northwest, beating them with sticks and bricks.

Albuquerque teens

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The youngest of the group, Tafoya told police the boys had beaten and attacked over 50 homeless people throughout the last year, but had never taken it quite so far as the last incident.

According to the report, the teens spotted the three homeless men sleeping on a mattress and opted to rob them. One of the men woke mid-beating to find himself being kicked and pummeled but managed to free himself from the onslaught and ran away. Though each of the boys now blames the attack on one of the others, 16-year-old Carrillo stated that he “saw the devil” when he looked into a mirror after the attack.

Other homeless folks about Albuquerque know the score, though. This violence against the poor is nothing new. Remember Bum Fights from a few years ago where some privileged pile of dung paid homeless people to beat each other up on film for entertainment? America is a second-rate Rome in the feigning days of empire. The homeless know they are easy targets; that’s why they have to be so careful when and where they sleep.

Eddie Grooms said:

“[You] find you a place to sleep before it gets dark where nobody knows where you’re at. Hide out good because when you’re asleep you’re the most vulnerable.”

Being of age, Rios has been booked into the Metropolitan Detention Center while Carrillo and Tafoya have been admitted to the local juvenile detention center. Police would not comment on whether the teens possessed prior record and an online records search of the courts did not turn up any prior felonies for Rios.

Due to the teens’ confessions to many prior assaults on the homeless, police are looking into old assault cases against the homeless spanning over the past year.

And isn’t that just the way our system runs? Do as I say, not as I do. The police can go out and shoot the homeless in cold blood and keep right on patrolling in the name of “protecting and serving” the community, but when a few teenagers get together and beat them to death with bricks and sticks they’re thrown right in jail. Of course, beating and killing anyone is wrong and should be against the law, but how are we, as a society, rationally going to expect our children to grow up with common decency and respect for human life when the very system they grow up in destroys it before their very eyes on a daily basis? With no disrespect meant to the lives lost, these children are victims too. They are products of the culture, of the society in which they live. They are products of Albuquerque.

May they find their way in this crooked world, and let the light of humanity begin to guide them back on course.

Much safety, love and respect to the homeless fighting to keep their lives afloat day to day. To those two lost, and the countless others who have met similar fates, let America bow its head, hat in hand, and remember once again what it means to be human.