Sarah Palin Says God Told Her President Obama Should Be Impeached (VIDEO)

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Her previous calls for Republicans to impeach President Obama failed, so now Sarah Palin is invoking God to advance her extremist cause.

During a speech at the Western Conservative Summit, Palin continued to open her mouth against the wishes of most Americans and repeated her demand that Obama be impeached. But this time, Palin put a new spin on it by claiming that God agrees with her.

Folks, he is radically changing the balance of power. It’s setting a wicked dangerous precedent. With his pen and his phone, hes abrogating his presidential authority. Making himself a ruler, not a President.

This president’s forgotten man is we the people, and we the people know that our best days are still ahead because we know that God shed his grace. He’s given us our freedom to do what’s right. God doesn’t drive parked cars. I think he expects us to get up and take action in order to defend these freedoms that are God given. I think it’s an affront to God to let this go on because he gave us these freedoms. We’re not going to let someone, a person, a party take them from us. We’re not going to dethrone God and substitute him with someone who wants to play God.

Here’s the video via Youtube.

Sarah Palin couldn’t convince House Republican leaders to draw up articles of impeachment earlier this month, so now she’s playing the God card to rile up the conservative base even more. She actually claimed that God told her that Obama should be impeached over actions such as issuing executive orders. Of course, President Obama has the authority to issue such orders just like every other president before him. Reagan and Bush issues 682 executive orders combined during their administrations and you didn’t hear Republicans whine about it then. President Obama has only issued 182 executive orders to date. The only difference is that he’s a black man with a name that sounds foreign. That’s what conservatives like Palin really object to, not to mention the grudge she still holds against Obama after he won in 2008, thus preventing her from being a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Palin’s claim that Obama is a tyrant is also completely ludicrous. House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte admitted in an interview that President Obama hasn’t broken any laws to warrant impeachment proceedings. That pretty much blows those ‘tyranny’ claims out of the water.

This is yet another example of why religion doesn’t belong or in the public sphere, especially in politics. Anybody can claim that God is on their side. Bush did it to excuse the Iraq War. And multiple other Republicans, such as Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann, have claimed that God told them to run for office. The problem is that nobody else receives a memo from God confirming that he or she told anybody anything. It’s like saying George Washington told me that he thinks Palin is an idiot. You can’t prove he did and you can’t prove he didn’t. That’s why Republicans often invoke God. It’s a desperation move that can’t be vetted. And it’s a move that should result in a straight jacket and rubber room for Sarah Palin.