Walmart To Breastfeeding Mom: Do That In A Toilet Stall


Kelly Messing was breastfeeding her 2-week-old baby with a cover-up in a North Carolina Walmart restroom when a store employee demanded that she finish breastfeeding in a toilet stall. The employee claimed that Messing was making other customers uncomfortable and that she should move somewhere more private.

Messing was shocked. In a Facebook post, she vented:

“She stood there waiting for me to get up, so I had to sit in a stall feeding my baby.” [source]

In North Carolina, mothers are allowed to breastfeed in any location – with or without a cover.

A Walmart representative has since confirmed that the employee did make the illegal request and had violated company policy in doing so.

On Sunday, over a dozen breastfeeding mothers turned up to the Jacksonville store in protest of what Messing had endured.

Kayla Whaling, a Walmart spokeswoman, said:

“This store did not follow our policy in this situation and we absolutely apologize to our customer for her experience. We’re not sure exactly who did not follow our policy but we do not condone this and we have restated our policy to all associates at this retail store.” [source]

Since the incident, Messing has reported that she received an verbal apology from the store manager along with a gift card and was “very happy with what was said & done” about the incident. [source]