Chilling Video Shows Israeli Missiles Flatten A Whole Community in Gaza

At 4am, the Palestinian street was there, and by 5am it was wiped from the map. The footage you are about to see shows the speed and devestation of Israeli attacks on Gaza.

As The Mirror reports:

From a viewpoint on a hill outside the town, the film captures the moment bombs start to fall and explosions ripping through the streets and buildings.

At the start of the clip, which is described as showing “Precision Strikes”, the time is shown as 4:00 GMT and 5:00GMT by the end.

You can hear camera shutters raging furiously in the background as they capture the destruction of shock and awe, Israeli-style.
As Israel continues its land, air and sea bombardment of one of the most densely populated areas on earth, the results are utter carnage.  The destruction of homes, hospitals, mosques, schools, the Finance Ministry, the power plant and mass civilian casualties.
Here are the figures from the UN’s latest daily report:
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Nevertheless, a poll conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute at Tel Aviv University has found that just 4% of Jewish Israelis believe excessive force has been used on Gaza, while more then 50% argue not enough.  With numbers like this, I fear we are witnessing a genocide – with the sponsorship and endorsement of all foreign powers capable of making it stop.