Right Wing Racism Explodes At Massachusetts ‘Anti-Immigration’ Rally (VIDEO)

Screen Capture, Image Credit: Right Wing Watch

Screen Capture, Image Credit: Right Wing Watch

I’ve covered a lot of political stories over the course of my career. Needless to say, I have heard a lot of truly ignorant and hateful things coming out of the mouths of GOP and tea party politicians and pundits in that time. This video may well be the number one worst thing I have ever encountered while covering US politics. It was taken during what organizers referred to as the “Stop The Invasion Rally,” in Massachusetts. The rally was held on the steps of the state capital building during the last weekend in July.

Before you watch the video, you need to know that the speaker is a right wing radio host currently based in Boston, Jeffrey Kuhner. Kuhner is a regular contributor to the Washington Times, a right wing propaganda outlet that, much like Fox, tries to pass itself off as a legitimate source of news.

You should also know that Kuhner’s parents immigrated to Canada from Croatia. Kuhner himself  was born in Montreal, Canada, in 1969, and later immigrated to the US.

As background, the “Stop the Invasion Rally” was held in response to MA governor Duval Patrick’s announcement that the state will consider housing up to a 1,000 unaccompanied Central American children,  who are currently awaiting immigration hearings.

During the course of his disgustingly racist rant, Kuhner promotes the idea that the presence of these immigrant children will destroy the United States, implying right from the start that the country will somehow cease to be with Hispanic children in it.

After the calls for impeachment and a totally cringe worthy attempt to drag the ghost of William Shakespeare into it, (to try to make himself seem literate?), Kuhner goes full blown racist, telling the small gathering of rabid right wingers that governor Patrick is plotting to turn Massachusetts into “Mexachusetts.”

“As Shakespeare would put it, it is the national question: Shall we be or not be? Shall we exist as a nation jealous of its sovereignty, faithful to its law and its Constitution, protective of its citizens, or are we going to be transformed into a socialist third world banana republic which does what Mini-Me wants to do, what he is in the process of doing, if we don’t stop him now? Because he is going to turn Massachusetts into Mexichusetts. And my answer to him is loud and clear: No mas, no more!”

Kuhner’s ‘Mini-Me’ references appear to be another failed attempt to sound intelligent (or funny?), this time by referring to a character in an Austin Powers movie.

Why not just break out the swastikas and white hoods? When the main speaker at your anti-immigration rally is a white immigrant, and that white immigrant launches into a racist tirade against Hispanic children, there’s no reason to even try to keep up the pretenses. There’s no hiding the fact that it’s not immigration these people are against. It’s black and brown people. Period.

In case you’re still wondering why republicans are having a hard time recruiting minorities? Maybe it’s because Kuhner is the President of the Edmund Burke Institute for American Renewal. What is the mission of the Edmund Burke Institute for American Renewal? From the organization’s website:

“We are a non-partisan, education and outreach organization which aspires to engage and mobilize the millions of African Americans, Hispanics, women and other minorities in this country who share conservative values.”

I’m sure the video of Kuhner’s speech will really help the Edmund Burke Institute fulfill that mission.

Then there’s that part about how the presence of these Hispanic children will turn the United States into a “socialist, third world, banana republic.”

The sheer stupidity of that statement is enough to warrant a headline in and of itself. That one sentence (?) captures not just the shockingly bigoted mind of a right wing fanatic, but also the almost frightening level of ignorance that defines the tea party movement as a whole.

I know I’ve said it before, but I think it’s time to say it again. Words have meanings.

Here are some examples of words and what they mean:

Socialism: “a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies” (from that thing called a dictionary, via Merriam-Webster.com)

A third world country: “The nonaligned nations — which are often developing nations — of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. They are in a “third” group of nations because they were allied neither with the United States nor with the former Soviet Union.” (dictionary.com)

Banana Republic: any of the small countries in the tropics, especially in the Western Hemisphere, whose economies are largely dependent on fruit exports, tourism, and foreign investors. (dictionary.com)

Of course it doesn’t matter to these people what any of these words actually mean. It doesn’t matter in the least whether these social and political structures could even coexist in the same country. What matters to right wing fanatics like these is that the words sound foreign, and anything foreign (anything non-white foreign) is obviously ‘unAmerican.’ Anything ‘unAmerican,’ is evil, bad, wrong and super scary, because it’s foreign.

It does not take a lot of scrutiny to see through these ‘anti-immigration’ protesters. Not when the speaker himself is an immigrant that happens to be white. It’s the same mentality that drives the tea party to demand that President Obama prove he was born in the United States (because he’s black), while at the same time claim that Canadian born Ted Cruz is a legitimate candidate for president, because “Canada isn’t really a foreign country“.  It’s not a secret that these people are racist or that they define ‘foreign’ as ‘non-white”.

Kuhner’s speech is blatant, ugly, in your face racism trying to sell itself as “American patriotism”. The rally itself was clearly not an anti-immigration rally, but an anti black and brown people rally.

Here’s the video of Kuhner’s racist rant, courtesy of Right Wing Watch.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70iy2dQX2eE]