The ‘Liberal’ Media Hits A New Low, Attacks Democrats For Daring To Embarrass Republicans

Your "liberal" media hard at work not reporting the facts. Facts are way too biased!

Your “liberal” media hard at work not reporting the facts. Facts are way too biased!

We’ve finally reached a tipping point in the “liberal” mainstream media. There is now literally nothing Republicans can do that won’t also be blamed on Democrats. Take for instance, Chuck Todd’s “a plague on both your houses” rant on MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

Did you catch that? The White House and the Democrats should be “embarrassed” for pointing out the lengthy list of Republicans that have been agitating for impeachment for years. Because if there’s one thing no one should ever do in Washington, it’s use what your opponent is saying against them. Who the hell do the Democrats and Obama think they are?!

This is false equivalence at its most pure and most cynical. Republicans made a huge tactical error in allowing the impeachment nonsense to go on for as long as it did. For any non-Fox News media figure to whine about the Democrats capitalizing on it is breathtakingly obnoxious. We expect it from Fox, they’re the propaganda arm of the GOP, after all. But Chuck Todd is a part of the “liberal” media and they’re all in the tank for Obama right?

Bullshit. If the media was doing its job, the right’s talk about impeachment, which has been going on since before Obama was inaugurated, would have been ripped to shreds and kept out of mainstream conversation. But that would mean “picking a side” by reporting the truth that Obama has not actually broken any laws. Can’t have that! As Chuck Todd infamously said, that’s not the job of the media.

“They’re” driving people away from politics? Screw you, Todd. YOU’RE driving people away from politics by reporting every single shitty thing the right does as a “both sides” story. Republicans insult minorities? Both sides are disrespectful. Republicans demand we base laws on the Bible? Both sides are attacking the First Amendment. Republicans demand guns everywhere at anytime for anyone? Both sides have made the gun debate crazy. Republicans almost push the country into default? Both sides are to blame. Republicans have filibustered more bills than any Congress in the history of the country? Both sides have broken the legislative branch.

And now, after five years of Republicans constantly, constantly, talking about impeaching the president, now that the Democrats have finally decided to call them on it, now that Obama is making them look like fools, NOW “the leaders of both parties” are to blame? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Our “liberal” mainstream media has perfected the art of being so perfectly “objective”, Republicans could set the Oval Office on fire with napalm and it would reported as both sides disagreeing about interior decorating. See no evil, hear no evil speak no evil is not a guideline for reporting the news. Chuck Todd should be ashamed to call himself a journalist. But that would require a conscience or an ounce of integrity.