Fox Anchor Steals $2,500 Of Merchandise, Arrested After Employee Recognizes Her On TV


Last week, Sacramento Fox 40 anchor Sabrina Rodriguez was arrested for stealing over $2,500 in merchandise from a Coach outlet store. Employees were able to identify Rodriguez as the thief because they recognized her on television.

With the help of an accomplice, Rodriguez stole 10 wallets from the Coach store in March of last year, however it was only recently that she was recognized. One of the store’s employees just happened to see her on a local news report and figured out who she was right away.

Rodriguez turned herself in last week, and the Sacramento County District Attorney’s office is charging her with grand theft, burglary, and conspiracy to commit a crime. The news anchor still claims that she is innocent and is out on $10,000 bail.


This is hardly the first incident that has put Rodriguez in the spotlight. Earlier this year, Rodriguez’ fiancé, Nicholas Gray, was arrested on arson charges due to a fire that occurred in the couple’s house on May 6th. Rodriguez and Gray both said that the stove exploded. Gray was later arrested for manufacturing methamphetamine and possession of marijuana for sale. Police have not commented on whether the fire was related to Gray’s involvement with drugs or not.

As for Rodriguez and the $2,500 worth of stolen Coach merchandise, she is on a leave of absence from Fox 40, which released this statement:

“[T]hese charges relate to a personal situation with Ms. Rodriguez that is not related to her work at FOX40. Sabrina maintains she is innocent of these allegations.” [source]