Rush Limbaugh: Obama Bringing Ebola Outbreak To US So He “Can Strut His Stuff”

A000Rush Limbaugh spent his Aug 1. show pondering the reasons why President Obama would bring home from Liberia US aid workers who contracted Ebola during efforts to fight the worst outbreak in history.

After ruling out compassion, and the utterly unconscionable nature of leaving American citizens stranded in a foreign land to die – the two primary factors for the President’s actions – Limbaugh pontificates wildly about Obama’s hidden agenda.

“I cant think of a reason why anybody would want to bring into this country, anyone suffering from something…” he asks, while I imagine scratching his head and frowning.

He then leaps to a rather stunning conclusion – apropos of nothing…

“If there is Ebola in the world, it might aswell be here so Obama can strut his stuff.”

Then, convinced that he is right, he starts admonishing Obama and the Democrats for the views he has just ascribed to them, as if they were actually true.

“What a cynical view you’ve got, that if there’s gonna be a crisis it may aswell be here so then Obama and the Democratic party can lead the compassion train?!”

Dr. Kent Brantly – one of the doctors in question – returned to the U.S. on Saturday.  He is being treated at Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital and is said to be improving.  His assistant Nancy Writebol who also contracted the disease will be flown to the U.S. later this week.

The director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has called for calm:

“I hope that our understandable fear of the unfamiliar does not trump our compassion when ill Americans return to the U.S. for care,” said Dr. Tom Frieden, according to The Associated Press.

You can hear Limbaugh’s bizarre rant below: