Oliver Burdinski is Fighting for the Right to Have a Sexual Relationship With his Dog, Joey (Video)

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Oliver Burdinski, a  zoophile, is in a relationship with his 11-year-old dog, Joey. The German man is now fighting against a 2012 law that made bestiality illegal in 2012, which overturned a 1969 law that legalized sex between a human and animal.

“I think I was 13 or 14 when I had my first experiences with the family dog,” Burdinski said during an interview with Vocativ. “I wasn’t sure what I had done was right, or what had happened so I tried also to get human partners… I tried to be normal, or what is seen as normal.”

Before settling down with his canine lover Burdinski had dated both men and women. When he got an internet connection Burdinski soon discovered an entire community of zoophiles and saw the this an opportunity to take a new direction in his life.

“Zoophile people don’t only think about sex with animals but also about relationships. The relationship to animals, to dogs, is more wholeness [sic]. Humans they also lie to the partner in their relationship. That’s normal, not in the bad meaning, that’s normal. a dog can’t lie,” says Burdinski.

While a dog, or any animal for that matter, cannot lie there is much debate over whether an animal can give consent to a sexual act with a human. Burdinski claims that they can, insisting that he is the passive partner. He also feels that penetrating an animal is cruel and does not engage in the activity.

In the video, Dr. Edmund Haferbeck, the head of science and law for PETA Germany, says that consent to sexual acts cannot be given between an animal and a man. He claims that the act is inherently based on coercion of the animal saying, “a part of zoophilia is conditioning of the animal for the purpose of sexual satisfaction. And there are documented cases, where for instance, dogs get excited and lick a woman’s genital area to cause them to orgasm. Obviously if you grease the area with cocoa butter, the dog is immediately willing to lick it off.

Another zoophile interviewed in the video also claims that it is possible for an animal to give consent. He claims that it is easy to know with a male dog who is acting as a top whether he wants it or not.

Speaking about the criminalization of bestiality, which if convicted of in Germany a person can be fined up to $35,000, Burdinski says that raping an animal is something he is completely against and someone who rapes an animal should be punished. He wants consenting sexual relations between humans and animals to be legal again though.

You can watch the full video interview with Burdinski below:

Update from the author: Due to complaints on social media I wanted to clarify that this article is not meant to be an endorsement for Brudinski’s behavior. I chose to write this article because it shows the profound lengths a person will go to in order to rationalize the meaning of consent in order to selfishly justify the abuse of another living creature. I see the mindset that Brudinski shows as being no different than that of a person who would commit a heinous act against a human being. Due to a far less severe punishment for this crime than he would receive for committing an act against a non-consenting human, Brudinski feels comfortable enough to allow viewers to gain an understanding of what goes on in the mind of a sexually deranged individual. The title was a poor choice due to not properly conveying the sarcastic tone that it was written with, for that, I apologize sincerely. Information is power in the fight against sexual violence.