Hacker Group Anonymous Names Police Officer Who Killed Michael Brown, Promises To Release More Info (IMAGES)

The St. Louis County Police Department has handled the shooting death of “gentle giant” Michael Brown badly since the beginning. And hacker collective Anonymous is making them pay for it.

This morning, Anonymous released the name of the alleged officer who shot Brown for simply being a black 18-year-old male walking down the street. Brown was unarmed and wasn’t doing anything wrong, yet the police just shot and killed him anyway. The killing has deeply upset the city of Ferguson, Missouri. Looting and protests have broken out and police have escalated the confrontation by using rubber bullets and tear gas. Officers have also wantonly arrested journalists for doing their job. But when Anonymous got involved, the police should have backed off. They didn’t.

According to Twitter posts by Anonymous, the police officer who shot Michael Brown is named Bryan Willman. The hacker group also promised to release additional information such as a photo of the officer, his address, and full documents if the St. Louis County PD fails to respond by 10:00 am CT, 12:00 pm CT, and 2:00 pm CT.

Here are the images via Twitter.

In addition, RT America reports on Twitter that according to Rep. Lacy Clay, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon will take St. Louis County PD off duty from policing Ferguson.

Anonymous has released the photo of Bryan Willman, the officer who allegedly killed Michael Brown after St, Louis County PD claimed they didn’t have an officer by that name.

The tragic shooting of Michael Brown has sparked national outrage and has renewed the debate about how police treat African-Americans compared to white people. The St. Louis County Police Department may hope that this all just goes away. But as long as Anonymous is involved, they won’t getting out from under the microscope any time soon.


Anonymous Operation Ferguson is reporting that the name released is not the name that has been allegedly leaked to them by an unnamed source. Addicting Info will continue to update this story as it develops.


Ferguson police have finally identified the officer who fatally shot Michael Brown. Police Chief Thomas Jackson announced today that the officer’s name is Darren Wilson, who has served for six years with a clean record. Here’s the video via the New York Times.